Thursday, March 01, 2007

What is Missing?

Ok just a warning to you, this post is going to be more of an editorial or comentary than a photo post.

What is missing on the face or back of the coin? The four words that are the basis of the founding of our nation are missing...In God We Trust. Ok, to be fair, they aren't missing from the coin just missing from the front or back. I for one don't like it.

These are the new presidential dollar coins. Coin collectors are nuts about it primarily because of where they did put the words "In God We Trust." Those words are now on the edge of the coin. I think those crucial words are less noticeable and that the Treasury has moved them to get people used to not seeing them. Just my personal feeling and fear.

Perhaps I am wrong...what do you think about it? Tomorrow I will get back to pictures. Just a change of pace for today.


Anna said...

That saddens me....

and it says so much about our society.

Unfortunately I am not suprised.

Elaine said...

I didn't realize they had done that. Seems like it might wear off some over the lifetime of the coin, but it probably makes the ACLU happy. I they should have left it on the front or back.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I know this is a very personal area for everyone, and speaking as a person who has had to live in many different countries in my life I find it ludicrous that America, and England to some degree, are expected to adapt their lifestyles and culture to suit all of the foreign people moving into the countries to suit them. I really believe that if you want to live in a foreign country it is your duty to adapt to their lifestyle, after all what makes Americans American or the English Englishmen. If you expect to live with your culture then you need to stay where your culture is. I am not a religious person (certainly not an athiest but I dont go to church every Sunday) I do believe in God and America and England were built on religion as God Fearing Nations and beliefs which are slowly being suffocated by all the affirmative action going on not wanting to offend this person or that person and they are both loosing their original identities as nations. I think that is sad.

Okay I have my flaming suit on. Try to be gentle LOL.