Sunday, March 18, 2007

Remnants of a Thunderstorm

Another shot from the Badlands trip. This is the remnants of a line of thunderstorms that came through that day. It was taken at sunset the first night I was there.

It is hard to imagine the wide open spaces of the American West until you are there. And it really comes home to you when you are there at sunset and sunrise. It really, really makes you think about it when you are there after dark and you can look out and see almost no lights anywhere. It is refreshing to go to some of the lesser known National Parks. We have been to many of them, unfortunately before we really got into photography. We do plan to go back to many of them however and this time take the camera equipment.


bluemountainmama said...

wow! what an incredible photo! i like the ones in the previous entry too.

i've never been out west , but hope to someday......

Elaine said...

Neat clouds. When we went to Mt Rushmore and surrounding area I was not into photography,so it's nice to see your shots.

You can be secretary if you want to next year, but I won't be the competitions chair! (I would be the person who gets the presentation ready, but I don't want to have to get the entries judged!)

Carmi said...

I never knew what Big Sky meant until I went to Colorado for the first time. I felt incredibly small as we descended into Denver and I felt like I could see forever.

It really changes your perspective on the planet. And it begs you to return...with the right equipment. I was blessed to have done just that.

As always, Mike, your images compel.

CG said...

An awesome shot. Coming from the UK, the wide open spaces of both the USA and Canada are both inspiring and humbling. I love the space - it invigorates me!

Anna said...


I dont think I need to say anything more.