Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Special

OK, to be truthful I was looking for a reason to play with my new SB-600 flash and I spotted my oldest daughters White House Easter Egg collection. Her uncle works in the White House and gets her one of these every year. So I thought I would share them with you.

The top shot is an overall collection view. The years represented, not in any particular order, are 2001 to 2007. The second and third shot show each year although some are very difficult to read even in person.

The one to note is the one on the right side. It is black with a dull gray writing. This was the 2002 egg which was the first egg after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the Crash in Pennsylvania. It was made this way to show we were still in mourning.

The final picture is of the 2007 egg which is my favorite with its gold lettering.

I hope you enjoy our little White House Easter Egg collection.

Have a happy Easter. My normal post will take place in the morning.


Anna said...

Cool egg collection. I just got an SB-600 flash as are you liking it?

:) Blessings!

JAM said...

That is a really neat and unique gift. It's not as if everyone has those.

I like the photos of them as well. They'd be cool to photograph near a window or outside with some back lighting too.

I love my sb-600. I just bought an 18-200mm lens, and even without the lens shade, it casts a shadow below about 22mm, so with that lens, I'm glad to have the sb-600. I take lots of photos of our critters, dogs and a cat, so the extra height of the shoe mounted flash helps lessen the green, yellow, or red eyes too.