Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Library

Libraries have long been a part of my life. How much so I would have never realized in the beginning. My first memory of a library was in northern Iowa where I spent my early childhood years. My mom would bundle me up and we would fight the cold Iowa winter to go to the local Carnegie library.

The one I really remember is the one in Lamar, Missouri which was in the back of some business building, kind of out of the way and small, but it was rich in the books that I wanted as an older elementary, early junior high type. This library saw me about every week during the summers.

I had a break from the public library life during high school, more because I was more interested in girls and other high school life than going to the library. Although the little town I lived in didn't have much of a library that I can remember.

During my college years the library was the center of life. It was there that I really met and got to know my future wife. Little did I know that several years later she would become and enjoy being an elementary librarian after teaching in the classroom for years.

This shot was take with me lying on the floor through the stair banisters looking at a stain glass window in Springfield's oldest library, the Carnegie branch library. Springfield has the nicest library system I have ever seen. I have also included a shot of the outside. The flag is at half mast for the Virginia Tech shootings.

I think public libraries are one of the strongest parts of the United States. A place where everyone, from the rich to the poor can seek out information to improve their lot in life.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


lv2scpbk said...

I really enjoyed your story about your childhood and how you meant your wife.

Cris said...

Hi Mike, I have seen your pictures only quickly the last few days as I have not had the time to comment on all blogs. What a nice story. Love the bleeding hearts, just recently I discovered them in another blog! I had never heard of them before!

Anna said...

I love that second shot Mike...nice capture!

Kerry-Anne said...

I love libraries too - some of my favourite childhood memories are of walking down to our little neighbourhood library with my mother, to take out my favourite books. Most people I know (of my age) don't use the library anymore - it seems the preserve of schoolchildren and older people. But I still go to the library and take out books every two weeks - it's quite addictive really. :)
Thanks for visiting our blog!

JAM said...

I'm right there with ya dude. My first library memory is a delivery van set up inside as a portable library in Ridgecrest, Louisiana when I was 5.

All these years and family moves, marriage and my own family moves, and ALWAYS one of our first orders of business in our new towns is for all of us to go and get a library card.

Great shots, especially that second one.

Chad Oneil said...

Nice images. Good composition and good idea for that second shot, looks like my kind of style.