Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nebraska Meet

Well it is getting late and I didn't have anything new to post so I am reaching back into the archives today for a post. This picture was taken on the Nebraska trip that I have shown several pictures from. It is in Eastern Nebraska along the double track Union Pacific mainline. It was taken fairly early in the morning hence the haze and relative darkness.
This was a totally enjoyable trip, off the interstate along the Union Pacific and Platte River. The people of Nebraska were nice, welcoming and tolerant of a Missourian taking train pictures. This first day I travelled the back highways from Council Bluffs, Iowa to North Platte, Nebraska.
I love road trips, especially when I can get off the interstate with the windows down, the CD playing my favorite songs and nowhere special to get to at any time.
I hope everyone has had a great Sunday.

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Anna said...

Trains, trains and more trains! :)