Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Old Homestead

This picture is taken at our Nathaniel Greene Park. A portion of the park is devoted to the old Nathaniel Greene homestead. In the park is an old barn, a couple of log homes and a "modern" house. (perhaps tomorrow). One of the log homes is shown above.

I am running short of time today so I will simply wish everyone a great Wednesday.


Anna said...

My whole childhood all I ever wanted was to live in a log cabin....I think mine may have been a bit more modern than that one. :)

Oya said...

Looks cozy:)

JAM said...

Nifty. I love going to places like this. When I see old cabins, I stand and think about the backbreaking labor that went into felling the trees, and in this case, making logs square. All done by basic axes, wedges and whatnot.

I like the photo, I like stuff like this that is informative just as much as "artistic" photos.

Cris said...

Your photo today captures many people's dream: a log cabin.