Friday, April 27, 2007

Route 66, The Mother Road

Today's post is a simple shot. I did it with a telephoto lens to accentuate the hills that are present on this stretch of old Highway 66. The picture was taken just west of Springfield looking back east toward town. As I look at this picture I am drawn into it, wanting to climb into my car and start driving.
I want to explore and see new things. I wonder sometimes if that is the nature of most Americans. We are a nation of those who dared to take out and start exploring, many making long journeys from elsewhere on the globe to get here. A nation of those who strove to make a new and better life for themselves and others.
I thought this may be an appropriate post for a Friday. The day many of you will hop into your car, jump a plane and go somewhere. Good travels and have a good weekend.


Anna said...

Living away from the States from extended periods of time, I definitely see a different metalilty in the American way of life. There is the idea of always looking to make things better, do it different, have more is a country that is full of opportunity and vision. However these same qualities have a flipside sometimes to a simplier way of life that can be just out of reach even though you may long for it....

Does any of that make sense? :)

Salty Dawg said...

Great capture of 66, it does look so inviting. The interstates have replaced such quaint old roads with generic ribbons of asphalt and concrete with no character, very good to get from one place to another on but not good for a leisurely drive soaking in the scenery.

I liked your previous post about the presidential libraries along with your commentary. We all have our own opinions of our politicians and just because we disagree that doesn’t make anyone a bad person, it makes us American! However on this point I agree with you in that I certainly do not want another Clinton Lib!!!! Check out my latest post, it may create some controversy as well :)

JAM said...

A road I've read about and seen on TV, but have never traveled.

Love the telephoto shot.