Saturday, April 14, 2007

Self Portrait, Sort Of

This is another shot I took at the "Motorcycle" store. These bikes were so clean and shiny they created an almost accidental self portrait.

It is fun to look for shots in unusual places. Take this morning for instance, and of course I did not have my camera with me; it was snowing, the sun was shining (figure that one out) and I went by a high school soccer field with a game going on. What incredible light and action shots no less. Oh well.

Your turn: What shots have you missed in the last few weeks?

My wife and I are shooting our first wedding this afternoon. I am really nervous about it.

Take care and have a great Saturday.


Anna said...

You will do great at the wedding.....I am so excited for you both...

and I love the self portrait in this shot! Very nice Mike.

Please let me know how the wedding goes....

photowannabe said...

Congrats on your first wedding gig. That's so exciting. Please tell us how it goes.
I have missed many of the transformation shots of our house that we are going to sell. It never seems to work out.

bluemountainmama said...

i haven't been out much b/c of the wierd spring weather, so i don't think i've missed much....but, again, i guess if you are a true photographer, there are ALWAYS photo opportunities... :)