Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Stroll in the Woods

I took this picture at Nathaniel Greene Park/Close Memorial Park here in town. I was beginning my lunch walk/photo safari and saw these two Canadian geese in the midst of a grove of young walnut trees. The Canadian goose has become extremely common place here in SW Missouri almost to the point of becoming a nuisance. They are beautiful birds though.

We have had a major cold front come through. On Monday we were approaching 88 degrees today we will be 48 degrees for a high with a chance of freezing for the next 3-4 nights. Welcome to Missouri!

I got an SB-600 flash Friday but have not had a lot of opportunity yet to try it out to the point I would post anything from it. I have used it enough to really appreciate it already. I have had it in use both on the camera and off it. So it is extremely versatile.

I hope everyone stays warm today, take care and have a good Wednesday


Elaine said...

It seems the geese and ducks have allowed me to get closer lately. I have gotten hissed at a couple of times though! It is definitely chilly today. I like the colder weather, I just hope it doesn't kill the blooms and buds.

Congratulations on your new flash--I'm getting a case of equipment envy! :) Have fun experimenting with it.

Anna said...

This is so pretty. I love the greens. I saw you in the pic over at Elaine' was like watching the Discovery Channel. Cool.


Oya said...

It is been years, I have not been in this kind of place...Seems very relaxing...

JAM said...

Cool photo. The geese out for a walk in the woods.

I bought an SB-600 last summer with my D70s. I LOVE it. It's not as powerful as the SB-800, and I couldn't make my wife understand why I wanted a shoe mount flash when the camera had one built in, but I've taken photos of two weddings and several parties with the SB-600 and the combo does them well.