Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have to admit that I am not a motorcycle fan. I have known far more people that have gotten hurt on them than those that enjoy them. My wife and I were heading downtown to take some pictures and we went by a new Motorcycle "Store" "Lot", not sure what to call it, and saw some impressive displays. We decided they would make some neat pictures.

The Victory motorcycle shown is a new American brand. I like the way the cylinders on the engine create the "V". These cycles were absolutely immaculate.

It was sooo... cold that morning I think we both got frostbite trying to take these pictures. She claims it took her a whole afternoon to get feeling back in one finger. It was in the low 20's which killed all of our flowers and seemingly overnight turned what had been spring back to the dull colors of winter. Another weather disaster.

The motorcycle shoot was fun and definitely something different. Will share more of it later in the week.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


Elaine said...

Neat pattern!
Our flowers made it until Sunday--that second night in the teens did them in. 2007 will go down in weather history!

JAM said...

Several years ago before my older brother died, he was down here (Florida) for a visit and as a truck driver, he tried to buy harley t-shirts from harley dealers all over the country. At the time, Space Coast Harley also sold these Victory motocycles. I was fascinated, I'd never heard of them. They jumped on the demand for harley's v-twin, air cooled bikes and have done well I hear.

I don't ride motorcycles either, but that's a nice picture. Those things cost as much as a nice car so I would think they would have them all looking good on the showroom floor.

Anna said...

Love the black and white for this. And love the image itself!

Cris said...

I have to show this to my husband, he's a dirt biker and loves motorcycles. Thanks for the nice shot!

Memories Catcher said...

Great detail.I like the composition and light.Good job!