Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Wedding

My Wife and I were privileged to help a friend's daughter out by serving as their wedding photographers. This was our first wedding and I was...well a little uptight about it.

It ended up going well and the pictures turned out great from both of us. I will share a few of the pictures just to give you an idea of some of the scenes you might be expected to capture. Weddings are a chaotic place to practice your trade. Someday I hope to do this more often but I have to get to really like taking people pictures. My wife is a little more of a natural at it, but then she has had more practice.

When was the last time you took a risk and did something totally out of your comfort range but really want to do?

Have a great Sunday!


Anna said...

I am so excited to see more! Aren't those flowergirls cute?

Anonymous said...

Weddings. So nice. So nervous. So different. We had five children. Four girls and one boy. The oldest is now almost 51. I think your photographs really capture that intense moment just before things happen. I know I was nervous walking my daughter down the aisle. I did hear a good joke, of sorts, on television the other day. A wedding, the father finished walking his daughter down the aisle. The pastor asks, "And who gives this woman in marriage?" And the father answers, "My wife and I and American Express." I found myself laughing outloud.

Thank you for stopping at my blog and for commenting. I do so much appreciate it.

Abraham Lincoln

Cris said...

The girls are sooo cute! I like the joke by Abraham.