Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Work of Art

Masonry and rock work has always fascinated me. This past weekend my wife and I were downtown and we took some pictures at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church construction site. This is one growing Church. I is one of the oldest Churches in town and is doubling in size.
I was intrigued by the way the masons were fitting everything together and the multitude of equipment and precast masonry they had stacked around.
Unfortunately I am short of time this morning, so I hope everyone has a great Thursday.


JAM said...

Interesting. In a country filled with hastily constructed steel and boring churches, it's neat to see a beautiful stone church going up. Even if the stones are pre-cut before being hauled to the site. I read a book years ago, Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett about cathedral builders in the middle ages that I still think about today.

Anna said...

Brickwork is lovely Mike and I love to see these beautiful churches and I am glad to hear that it is growing.

:) And I LOVE that blue sky.

Cris said...

Very interesting type of construction. Nice to hear that a church are growing and expanding!