Thursday, May 31, 2007

This Old House

My apologies to Norm, Kevin and crew for the use of their shows title, but nothing else came to mind this morning.

Today's pictures are from the Harry S. Truman birthplace home in Lamar, Missouri. Harry lived in this house for about the first 18 months of his life before the family moved to Independence. Long enough to establish history though.

Well there is more history to this house than just the Truman's as one of the owners after the Truman's was my Grandmother's family, the Earp's. Yes, we are related to the famous western Marshall Wyatt Earp. Wyatt actually started his law enforcement career in Lamar, where his first wife is buried. Anyway I am off the story. The greatest time I ever had visiting the Truman birthplace took place a few years ago when I went with my Grandmother and my Great Aunt and they talked about all their memories from this house.

Rather the normal outside shot I have chosen a couple of pictures that I hope you enjoy. The top one is looking out of the front window of the sitting room with the Truman family bible on the table to the right. The second looks from outside the "bump-out" through it to the other side. These bump-outs were put in to allow more light to come into the house.

Another presidential connection....I hope you all enjoy your Thursday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movie Time

This is the old Plaza Movie Theatre in Lamar, Missouri. I saw many movies here when I was a kid. I remember one of those classics "10 Million BC" starring Raquel Welch. Not sure why that one pops into my head!

I remember getting a popcorn and a coke and settling into the comfortable chairs and enjoying a movie and the air conditioning when I was a kid over summer break. I remember the older guy who was the theatre "policeman" and he would go around making sure all of us kids were behaving and not trashing his theatre. Ah, the good old days.

This was a great place to come. Thinking back I don't remember ever being bored in the small towns I grew up in as a kid. I hear kids today complaining about thier small towns. But then I didn't exactly go back to one either.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and that you take some time to go to the movies!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fox Family at the National Cemetery

Sunday, when we were visiting the National Cemetery here in Springfield we discovered a litter of 4 young foxes. One stayed in the culvert the whole time but the other 3 were pretty inquisitive.

What beautiful little animals.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Front Porches are for Holidays

A front porch in Lockwood, Missouri taken on a cloudy day. It was nice not to have the harsh shadows for a change.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


While there is nothing special about this photo it does represent a very deep memory for me. My father started this business. It built aircraft hangar doors for airplane hangars. The doors he built were of the very large bi-fold type which form a large canopy over the opening when they are open.

Dad loved aircraft, even more than I love trains. This business allowed him to be with what he loved until the end. My Dad began flying when he enlisted in the Navy in WW2. He became a training pilot, training young pilots how to fly so they could go on to the Pacific and fly off the aircraft carriers. I asked him if he missed not being in the actual combat arena and he used to say the trainer pilots had a higher mortality rate than the combat pilots in the Pacific. I guess the speed that which they had to train was incredible and that could lead to a lot of accidents. He didn't miss action entirely. For some time he flew OS2U Kingfisher seaplanes on anti-submarine patrols in addition to his training duties out of Pensacola. When the war ended he had orders to the Pacific to fly the new P-61 Black Widow night fighters escorting bombers over Japan.

Memorial Day is always special to me as I remember those in my family who have gone before me. I especially think of my Dad who served in WW2 and my Grandfather who served in WW1 as I go through this holiday weekend.

Take care everyone.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Train Day

I had a rough day today so I thought I would fix it by posting another train picture. This is a rather unusual (for me anyway) intermodal train westbound at Lamar, Missouri which is one of my hometowns.

What is unusual about it is there was only one locomotive and all the container cars were empty. Talk about a trade imbalance. Where are the containers?

Any way here it is. The train caught where, as a boy, I used to ride my bike to and watch trains of the old Frisco Railroad go by. Memories.

Time is short today. I hope everyone has had a good Saturday and I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Holiday (if you are in the States, that is).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Three Foot to Paradise

Just west of Denver in the Clear Creek Canyon area that I-70 passes through is some of the neatest railroad history in the country. 125 years ago this rugged country was difficult to get to. It was the realm of mountain toll roads, busted wagon wheels, and days of travel. Then silver was discovered. Men did what men do best. They conquered, and some say ruined, the country. Using what was known as "narrow gauge" the railroad came to Clear Creek Country. Narrow gauge refers to the distance between the rails. On a standard railroad the gauge is 4 feet, eight and one half inches. (Roman chariot wheel spacing, I believe) In these mountains they used a gauge of 3 feet to reduce costs and time.

If you drive west of Denver on the old 40 highway through Golden most of this highway follows the path of the narrow gauge. In fact it was highway 40 that was the death of the narrow gauge and it was I-70 that erased most of the history of the area.

Today's pictures are of remnants of the Colorado and Southern narrow gauge. The top picture is C&S Number 60 and a coach on display at Idaho Springs. The bottom two pictures are of the Devil's Gate Bridge on the Georgetown Loop. This was rebuilt as a tourist railroad in the 1960's and is located between Georgetown and Silver Plume. Long after the minerals played out the C& S survived due to the popularity of this section of track. People from Denver would ride the narrow gauge to see this loop and then picnic in Silver Plume.

I hope you enjoyed today's history lesson. Have a great Friday.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stockton Lake 2 - A Sea of Masts

Another of the Stockton Lake Marina shots. This is a totally different dock than the one shown yesterday. It is a larger dock and there are about 5 more just like it. There must be about 200 sailboats that call this marina home.

Things are actually calming down here and getting back to a more normal post graduation routine. I hope to be able to get around to your blogs on a more regular basis again.

Stockton Lake is a beautiful lake and a small one compared to the other nearby lakes such as Table Rock, Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Lake and Bull Shoals Lake. All were man-made and all within an hour and a half of Springfield.

Stockton, Missouri is the county seat of Cedar County. It was the site of a devastating tornado that ripped through the heart of town about 3 years ago. The entire city square (downtown) was leveled except for one bank. Stockton has rebuilt well compared to some of the other towns that were hit in the same storm. I was driving home from Omaha that day and I have never seen a day that was so muggy and conducive to the development of severe storms. Fortunately I made it home just before the storms got to our area.

Take care and have a good Thursday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stockton Lake

One of the places I managed to get to this weekend was Stockton Lake. This is located near my old hometown (the one I really claim). It was a beautiful morning, the temperature in the lower 60's and an even wind. The time was early in the morning and the docks were just stirring. Stockton is a sailboat lake. Everytime I go there the sails almost outnumber the motors. It is beautiful to watch thier dance across the lake.

I have added a new link to the right. Sarah is a talented young photographer (I wish I was that young) whose work I enjoy. Please check it out.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. I have "graduated" the oldest and the youngest has a birthday today.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Houston, We Have a Problem

Some of you may be old enough to remember these famous words in person. Others may remember them from the movie Apollo 13 starring Tom Hanks as commander Jim Lovell. This is the actual command module from the Apollo 13 mission. How did they rank this in the middle of Kansas?!! I just about fell over when I realized which command module this was. Wow, talk about a history high.
This is the outside of the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas. Hutch is a neat little town and well worth your time if you happen to be traveling across Kansas. Take some time to linger, Kansas does have a lot to offer if you do your research.

Take care and have a good Tuesday.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Prarie Skyscrapers

I am moving slightly west this morning. This shot is in Hutchinson, Kansas. These are the biggest grain elevators I had ever seen except maybe in Kansas City. They were all over. I can see where the term "prairie skyscraper" came from.

Hutchinson is a fairly small Kansas town. It, at one time, boasted four railroads. The Santa Fe Super Chief used to make regular stops here on its way from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Today "Hutch", as it is referred to by locals, is fairly quiet. But there is one thing to do that is hard to find anywhere else in the Midwest. Hutchinson is the home of the Cosmosphere. This spaceflight museum is like no other that I have seen. It is extremely well done and I can't believe the collection they have been able to amass.

Tomorrow we will explore the Cosmosphere just a little further before I turn my attention to this weekend's trip.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Lion's Game

What I am listening to: (Sounds like Anna!) The Lion's Game by Nelson Demille read by Scott Brick.

I am finishing the third in a series of audio books by Nelson Demille. I have come to really like audio books as I listen to them as I go back and forth to work or to other things like photo shoots. I check these out from the public library here and while this is great it means you can only get popular titles like this when they are available, so sometimes a wait is involved.

This particular series is about former NYPD detective John Corey and his adventures. The first book was Plum Island, the second is The Lion's Game and the third was Nightfall. As some of you may have figured out my third one is actually the second one in the series. This is another potential disadvantage of the library in that you sometimes have to take a series out of order.

I have listened to many books on CD, both fiction and nonfiction. It is a great use of that deadtime.

The picture above is another taken at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS. I will get back to some regular postings tomorrow. It is so much fun to find things to do and take pictures of in the Midwest. For example, I found out yesterday evening that it was Sucker Days in Nixa, Missouri a scant 10 minutes from the house. Sucker Days you ask? Suckers are a small fish in this area and each year they have this massive fish fry in Nixa to celebrate the Sucker. What fun that would have been to go take pictures of! If I had only known.

Well I have rambled on long enough today. Have a great Sunday and check out a book on tape or CD.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Laying Around

OK, weekends are for relaxing right. Anyway I ran across this picture in my archives. It was taken at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. We did this as a Spring Break trip with our youngest daughter when the oldest went on her first band trip.

This was a great zoo and I am not a real zoo fan. It was clean and the animals actually seemed content in their habitats.

I spent most of this day on the highway. I made a trip back to my two hometowns to take pictures. I will be sharing these in the coming days along with many stories of Southwest Missouri.

Sorry this is so late but I left very early this morning. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. Take some time to lounge around or sunbathe like our friend above. I hope some of our friends in England are getting some sunshine and that some of our friends in Florida are getting some rain!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The George H W Bush Presidential Library

A few weeks back I posted pictures from the Eisenhower Presidential Library. Well I was digging way back in the archives last night and I found these pictures of the George H W Bush Presidential Library at College Station, Texas.

This was truly an impressive library. They have done a nice job on it. It was a very honest and objective view of the world and his accomplishments and dissapointments in office.

I took these pictures with the Olympus C-740 as this was before I had a real interest in photography. The top picture is of course the exterior shot. The bottom picture was taken just inside and was a very impressive large painting that I liked very much. Of course this was taken when George W was more popular!

I probably don't need to remind you of my interest in the institution of the presidency and the men that have served. My favorite biography's are of those individuals. Mornings on Horseback is a good biography of the early life of Theodore Roosevelt and is a pleasurable and quick read.

Well enough for today, I hope everyone has a great Friday.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Front Porches are for Sitting

This is a photo of the McElhany house on Walnut Street. The house is used for offices now but has been dutifully restored. Many years ago now I had an office in the servants quarters of this fine home. Probably the neatest office one could have had.

I love the columns of this house and the intricate details that are on them. I am glad the owner of the house makes it still look so much like a house rather than offices. Notice the third floor window open. There were two little stick figures in the window looking down. Not sure what that was all about.

Since this was a business I didn't mind going up and taking pictures of the inside of the actual porch. I like all the sitting space on this porch, hence the title of today's posting.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

....and I am supposed to write 8 random or interesting facts about myself. First off I want to thank Stacy at for tagging me. I really don't like writing things about myself but I will endeavour to do just that for a former Springfieldian.

Here goes nothing.

1. I was born a moderate wanderer. I went to school in 4 different places. Three cities in Missouri and one in Iowa. This had a great influence on my later life as I am still a wanderer or should I say explorer which would be a title I would prefer.

2. I loved TV growing up. My favorite shows (see how many you recognize) were Gilligan's Island, Daniel Boone, Star Trek and Black Sheep Squadron. Notice the wandering pattern? Oh and by the way I rarely watch TV any more, but movies are fair game.

3. My dad used to take me ice skating when it warmed up to 15 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). Yes, this was in Northern Iowa.

4. I rode my first real train at 5 and have been doing so since. (OK, this fact isn't so interesting, but I had to include trains somewhere).

5. My parents were married in New Orleans. My lovely wife is from New Orleans. Weird huh?

6. Teresa and I moved to Lawton, Oklahoma when we got married. What's so unusual about that, you ask. Well, Lawton is the home of Fort Sill and I think I was the only guy without an Army haircut in town. My best friends there were a Lawton City policeman and a full blooded Kiowa Native American and we stay in regular contact.

7. OK, you got me here, this one is partially talked about in my profile. Teresa and I were reading a newspaper article about one of our local newscasters. This guy is a real nut. Anyway he went on a Spring Break trip that took him to all 48 contiguous states in the one week. Well, Teresa and I, being the natural born wanderers we are decided we could do this feat with our two daughters. They were just starting school at the time. We reasoned we would have to accomplish this goal before the oldest hit High School because we knew at that time she would loose interest. (We hit that one on the head) We hit our last state (New York) the summer of her eighth grade year. These are the only two kids in school that can color in every one of the 48 contiguous states. We are still trying to figure out how to do Alaska and Hawaii.

8. I have been through a Tornado. That was fun. (Northern Iowa again)

I don't know if these are interesting or not but it was fun. Thanks Stacy for the opportunity. Now I am supposed to tag eight people, but being the curmudgeon that I am I will let you all decide if you are tagged or not.

See you in the morning.

The Final Concert

The final band concert of the 2006-2007 school year for our high school was last night and of course I took my camera along to record the event. My oldest daughter is a senior so this is her final concert of her high school career. Band has been the saving grace of high school for both of my girls. It was the highlight of the day when everything else was going wrong. It was the one class that was interesting when the others bored them to tears. It was a place of refuge where the kids were good and the atmosphere was safe. I want to thank the band teacher for that. He is a real pro.

I love watching band concerts and competitions at the high school level. It gives me hope that this country may still be OK. I love seeing the kids really get into it. Today's pictures are not that good. I am still trying to learn the basics of flash photography. Neither of my girls made the picture cut as they were both pretty much out of range of my flash. But sit back for a moment and think about these kids who are our future. What are kids doing where you are at that gives you hope for the future?

Have a great Wednesday.

This last picture is dedicated to the Seniors who will now move on into a new and different world. Good luck and Godspeed. Thank you for four wonderful years.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thomas Jefferson

I have been caught without a post. Between work, graduation and end of the year school stuff and just plain yardwork I was caught without a post ready. Sorry for the trip back to the archives.

At the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City there is a statue of Thomas Jefferson, who initiated the Lewis and Clark expedition which helped put Missouri, one of the starting states, Illinois claims them too on the map. Jefferson was idealistic, visionary, and controversial.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and I hope to be better prepared tomorrow.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Moment at Hammons Field

We went to the ball game Saturday evening. The Springfield Cardinals (yes, a farm club of the St. Louis Cardinals) were in town playing the Wichita Wranglers. Of course I took my camera and spent a portion of the evening/day wandering the stadium looking for photo opportunities. I think the one above was my favorite. An unsuspecting couple in the top row sharing a moment at the ballgame.

There were a lot of opportunities to take pictures at a ball game so if you haven't considered it, consider taking the camera to a ball game near you. You can practice action shots and there are always moments like the above one to capture. I have no idea who they were but they looked like they were having fun and that is what attracted my camera.

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Front Porches Are For Relaxing

I went out yesterday morning with the specific goal of beginning my front porch series. I loved what I saw. Front porches are so inviting I actually went up on a couple of them. This series of shots was taken on Walnut Street in Springfield which is the same street Artsfest was held on last week. This first porch I selected for today was the shadiest and most inviting one that I saw around the noon hour when the sun was its hottest today. It looked so cool and inviting I decided it was the one to begin with. Now if I just had a glass of sweet ice tea......

I am not the only one that enjoys the front porch. This little guy was stretched out on the cool wood in the heat of the day. He sure looks relaxed. This porch was in a state of disrepair and or repair. Not sure which. But that squirrel was sure enjoying it.

I hope everyone had a good Sunday and Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Looking Up....And Sideways

This shot was taken in an alley in Eureka Springs. Why stay in the crowded main streets when you have an alley to explore? Unfortunately the sky was a little over exposed, well a lot over exposed. There are a few of us who have a tendancy to look up quite often, see Anna and Carmi's links to the right. You can often be rewarded with some great pictures.

I am off today in search of my new theme. Look for the great american front porch shots over the next few months. We'll see how far we get with this one before I get shot taking pictures of someone's front porch.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and don't forget to look up.

Friday, May 11, 2007

After Hours

I took this shot the other night near Burrell Park and yes I did crop it to emphasis the lines I wanted to show. It seems to explain my life the last few months. I recently changed jobs, which at my age is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I had been working long hours and more importantly bringing it home with me and worrying about it when I wasn't physically there. So I changed. Life is better now, the new place is nice and the people are good. I will miss my friends at the old place, but I had to do what I did.

The shot above is dedicated to those I left behind. I pray for their health and well being.

Judging from the response yesterday I need to get out and do a photo story on the old homes of Springfield. I can't believe the reaction you all gave. Yes Anna I feel a theme coming on. Thanks for your responses. I will see where this goes.

By the way today is my 100th post. I was going to let it go by unmentioned, but this is one of the mechanisms I used to cope with my stress that I talk about above. Thanks to you all for reading and commenting through the above time. Life is better now and somehow that makes it a little harder to be creative. Does that make any sense?

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

From the New to the Old

Yesterday I presented a picture of a modern building in Burrell Park. Today I am presenting one of the old homes on Walnut Street. I took this as an aside from the Artsfest festivities happening just to my rear in this picture. It is hard to imagine the throng of people so near (see my images three days ago) with such a peaceful scene as above.

As you can see this pictures returns to one of my favorite themes...the front porch. Once again prominent it reflects a time when the popular past time was sitting on the porch talking to neighbors instead of being cocooned in your house with your tv and internet.

Look at the construction and the curves in this house. All I know is that a builder today will tell you to add $ signs to any construction if you want any thing curved in a house and look at all of those you see above.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post, and I hope you have a good Thursday. I have been slow getting around to everyone and hope to catch up soon.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Burrell Park Evening Stroll

This is another building in Burrell Park. It intrigues me because of the round window. I also like the single pin oak they have next to it.

This evening stroll was fun although I am suffering from an unintended consequence from it. Mosquito bites. I should have known since we were next to water. Oh well, when one starts itching I think of all the neat pictures I got!

All is quiet here in the Ozark Plateau. There are tornadoes to the west and flooding on the Missouri River. I normally go to Omaha the first weekend in May. I am glad I didn't this year as they had severe rain and flooding this last weekend.

Well I have rambled on enough for today. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Change of Pace

I thought I would give everyone a break from my architectural shots and post a picture of the coreopsis that is now blooming in my back yard. I planted this last year and with the hot dry summer we had i wasn't too sure it was going to make it. Plants are reliant things though and due to a fairly wet winter the two plants have prospered and rewarded me with some excellent flowers.

Things are a bit crazy here right now. For the next three weeks we will have visitors from out of town as people drift in and out for my oldest daughters high school graduation. We have what seems to be every evening occupied with an event as school draws to a close.

The good news is we are not going to get the severe weather originally forecast. The system sort of died after spreading its wrath across Kansas. The bad news is we aren't going to get the rain also which we need.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Artsfest on Walnut Street

Each year on or about the first weekend in May our fair city shuts down Walnut Street which is a historic district to hold one of the largest fresh air art bazaars in the region. There were numerous artists housed on the street. For the first time it didn't rain. Each artist is housed in the little tents shown above. There are sculptors, painters, photographers (my favorite), jewelers and potters from all over the nation, and for the first time the world, here.

The intersection of Walnut and JQ Hammonds became a chalk artists board, although the busy intersection saw no shortage of foot traffic so the art didn't last long.

The area high schools took their stab at making art cars. This old Chevy Astro van got quite a face lift.

Back to more normal pictures tomorrow, but I thought you all may enjoy seeing artsfest.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Burell Park at Night

The other night Teresa and I were driving past Burrell Park and I noticed the fountain was lit up. We decided it would be worth a night field trip to take some pictures. Here is the first of those shots.

Architecture shots are just about my favorite. I started with this shot as some of you may remember an almost identical shot from a few weeks back in the daylight. There is something about a well designed building that really excites me. Perhaps I should have been an architect.

The evening was SO nice. It was about 70 degrees with a stiff 10 mph breeze out of the southwest so it was very pleasant. Tomorrow and Tuesday the storms from Kansas are scheduled to roll in.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Have a good Sunday.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Portrait of a Friend 2

A number of months ago I posted results from another portrait session that Teresa and I did. Today I am posting a couple of shots from one we did last weekend. I did the shooting this time and Teresa acted as my assistant and teacher showing me how to pose our friend Debbie.

I have got to say this portrait stuff is easy when you have a good model. Some people are much easier to take pictures of than others and Debbie was one of the easiest. It was almost hard to get her without a smile.

We took the pictures at Springfield's Founders Park which gives both urban and natural shot possibilities. It is a great little park that measures maybe 200 feet deep and a 1/4 block long. It honors those that founded Springfield back in time and features concrete, a water feature (still off as of now) and natural features. They use it in the summer to show outdoor movies. Many photographers use it for its variety.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care.

Friday, May 04, 2007


The ole blog takes a historic twist this morning. Today we are visiting The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Ill. We have descended into the depths aboard the German U boat U-505. You are looking at the engine indicator in the engine room of that U boat in the top picture. This particular item caught my attention due to the variety of German writing on it.

In the second picture you are looking at the very rear of the craft. The round object slightly off center to the right is the aft torpedo tube. The beds are lowered to show the conditions the crew slept in. Remember there was always activity going on as crews took shifts.

The U-505 was captured off the coast of Africa by the American Escort Carrier Guadalcanal and several escort destroyers, including the USS Pillsbury. The submarine was in the process of being scuttled or sunk by her crew when US sailors rushed on board the sinking ship and were able to cap the sea strainer which had been opened to let large amounts of water in. Because of this gallant and fast action the code machine and indeed the whole submarine were captured. This leads us to Chicago where the sub is on display.

If you ever get a chance stop by The Museum of Science and industry in Chicago. It is a fantastic place to visit. The pictures were taken about 3 years ago with my trusty Olympus. I converted them to black and white for today's post.

Have a great Friday.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Study of an Old Pontiac 2

Ok I am playing again. This time I took a shot and did the colored pencil thing in elements. I am not sure I like these special features that you can do. What do you all think?

I hope this day finds everyone well. I appreciate the new arrivals to the blog. I hope you enjoy what you see. Back to normal tomorrow. Just wondered what everyone thought of the Elements creations. Being with few words this morning I will wish everyone a great Thursday.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Study of an Old Pontiac

This picture was taken on the Route 66 trip which I have been drawing some of my recent pictures. It was converted to black and white and then I posterized it in Elements. I thought the result was OK, I can't say it is one of my favorites though.
I have not been able to make all my rounds lately and have not been able to add all my new friends to my link list yet. Bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I have a senior to graduate.
I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Old Things

This shot was taken on the Route 66 trip. This is a view of someone's front yard. They had all sorts of things on display along this fence and the truck served as a nice backdrop.
The Route 66 trip was taken with an official historian of that highway. He seems to know everything about it and could tell you a story about every building along the route. It was a great trip. We left at about 7am and got back around 3 pm. That was only covering the short distance from Springfield to Webb City, Missouri. There were 3 of us besides David, our historian. It was one of the best field trips we have taken.
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Seems like I am running short of time a lot lately. Guess I will have to set the alarm button a hair earlier or stop hitting the snooze button!
Anna, the lines are for you!