Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Final Concert

The final band concert of the 2006-2007 school year for our high school was last night and of course I took my camera along to record the event. My oldest daughter is a senior so this is her final concert of her high school career. Band has been the saving grace of high school for both of my girls. It was the highlight of the day when everything else was going wrong. It was the one class that was interesting when the others bored them to tears. It was a place of refuge where the kids were good and the atmosphere was safe. I want to thank the band teacher for that. He is a real pro.

I love watching band concerts and competitions at the high school level. It gives me hope that this country may still be OK. I love seeing the kids really get into it. Today's pictures are not that good. I am still trying to learn the basics of flash photography. Neither of my girls made the picture cut as they were both pretty much out of range of my flash. But sit back for a moment and think about these kids who are our future. What are kids doing where you are at that gives you hope for the future?

Have a great Wednesday.

This last picture is dedicated to the Seniors who will now move on into a new and different world. Good luck and Godspeed. Thank you for four wonderful years.


Elaine said...

I wish I had known it was going to be in the gym. I didn't take my camera because it is too hard to get any shots in the auditorium. Oh, well... (I only have 2 kids that could have told me! But then, I thought it started at 7:00.) It is amazing that Kevin only has one more day of school. I can't imagine what it will feel like when Kent is ready to graduate and it is truly my last concert. See you Monday night!

Moksha Gren said...

My wife teaches pisno lessons from our home on Monday and Wednesday evenings. So I get to meet and occasionally chat with a handful of the local teens. A few are geeky and awkward in a painfully familiar way...others a well-spoken and sociable. But each, in their way, gives me hope. There's not one of them that I'm not happy to invite into our home once a week...and that says something I think.

Congrats to your daughter.

Anna said...

Congrats to your daughter from me! I like the photos, especially that last one!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

What a great post Mike. It is so good for these young adults to have an interest like this. They have a long uphill struggle ahead of them and it all starts from the day they leave school. Here's wishing them all the best on their journey. I have to say I wouldnt want to be a teenager again in this day and age.

Congratulations to your daugher too.


Cris said...

Congrats!!! What caught my attention were their outfits, fashion is the same here!

Carolyn said...

I completely agree with you about band. I have two teenagers, one to be a senior and one a junior next year and they are both in the band. It is such a good thing for them. It is a safe haven, and our band director is great, too. They have a love-hate relationship with him, he is young and works well with them.

They went to Arizona this past Dec-Jan for the Fiesta Bowl Parade. It was an awesome trip. The kids were great! I mean, we took 140 kids and not one problem. We are in Florida.

The band is very distinguished, we consistently make Superiors on both Marching, Concert, and Jazz levels.

The emotion that is on the kids faces at the Annual Band Banquet when they realize it is the end of their HS band career, makes you realize that this is something that has meant the world to them, and the friendships they have made are priceless.

Thanks for sharing your blog, the pictures are great.