Thursday, May 17, 2007

Front Porches are for Sitting

This is a photo of the McElhany house on Walnut Street. The house is used for offices now but has been dutifully restored. Many years ago now I had an office in the servants quarters of this fine home. Probably the neatest office one could have had.

I love the columns of this house and the intricate details that are on them. I am glad the owner of the house makes it still look so much like a house rather than offices. Notice the third floor window open. There were two little stick figures in the window looking down. Not sure what that was all about.

Since this was a business I didn't mind going up and taking pictures of the inside of the actual porch. I like all the sitting space on this porch, hence the title of today's posting.

Have a great Thursday everyone.


Cris said...

Really beautiful... the swing, the chairs, the flowers... all so tidy!

Mark said...

I love old porches, perhaps because I didn't grow up with one or with many friends/family who had one like the porch you picture here.

Sounds like a song.

The porch you picture, is the only one you need.
The porch you picture, is a welcome friend indeed.

Please, somebody stop me.

Moksha Gren said...

Wow...what's not to love about that house? The corner swing nook. The turret-style corner. Simply wow.

photowannabe said...

I love porches too. A perfect place to sip sometea and read a good book. Nice picture.

Anna said...

Can someone PLEASE get me my sweet tea? Thanks ya'll!

Stacy said...

C'mon, Anna, fess up. You and I are too much alike for you to be from England. Do most Brits know about "sweet tea" and "ya'll"?

Mike, those houses are what I love about Springfield. Really. The workmanship, sturdiness,'s all there.

I think when I'm in the states in a couple of years I'm definitely going up there. It's been 16 years since I've stepped foot in Springfield. Too long. By the way, my dad and brother are there as I write this. :)

JAM said...

What a pretty place! I would have thought it was someones home. No conspicuous signs or anything, and the great detail work on the house is fantastic. Definitely a sittin' porch.

Elaine said...

What a wonderful house and porch. I love those houses on Walnut! How neat to have an office there.