Friday, May 18, 2007

The George H W Bush Presidential Library

A few weeks back I posted pictures from the Eisenhower Presidential Library. Well I was digging way back in the archives last night and I found these pictures of the George H W Bush Presidential Library at College Station, Texas.

This was truly an impressive library. They have done a nice job on it. It was a very honest and objective view of the world and his accomplishments and dissapointments in office.

I took these pictures with the Olympus C-740 as this was before I had a real interest in photography. The top picture is of course the exterior shot. The bottom picture was taken just inside and was a very impressive large painting that I liked very much. Of course this was taken when George W was more popular!

I probably don't need to remind you of my interest in the institution of the presidency and the men that have served. My favorite biography's are of those individuals. Mornings on Horseback is a good biography of the early life of Theodore Roosevelt and is a pleasurable and quick read.

Well enough for today, I hope everyone has a great Friday.


Moksha Gren said...

Thanks for the blogroll add.

My wife got on a kick last year or so. Her goal was to chronologically read a biography on every President. Problem was she kept getting sidetracked by interesting but non-Presidential contemporaries. Franklin, Nathaniel Greene, etc. I learned a lot about history over breakfast during those weeks and look forward to her returning to the mission.

And despite my political really is a beautiful portrait ;)

JAM said...

Great info. That portrait is amazing. Too bad they didn't put Jeb in there too, I guess a mere two term governor doesn't rate...

Anna said...

That portrait is wonderful. I really would like to learn more about our may have inspired me Mike. Thanks!

Mark said...

Hi Mike , thanks for popping over, I like the style of your photos and the information that goes with them.
Good luck with your model railway,I have a big one that I play with as I work in a signal box.
I have added your link to my blog , are you happy to exchange?
Cheere Mark