Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

....and I am supposed to write 8 random or interesting facts about myself. First off I want to thank Stacy at for tagging me. I really don't like writing things about myself but I will endeavour to do just that for a former Springfieldian.

Here goes nothing.

1. I was born a moderate wanderer. I went to school in 4 different places. Three cities in Missouri and one in Iowa. This had a great influence on my later life as I am still a wanderer or should I say explorer which would be a title I would prefer.

2. I loved TV growing up. My favorite shows (see how many you recognize) were Gilligan's Island, Daniel Boone, Star Trek and Black Sheep Squadron. Notice the wandering pattern? Oh and by the way I rarely watch TV any more, but movies are fair game.

3. My dad used to take me ice skating when it warmed up to 15 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). Yes, this was in Northern Iowa.

4. I rode my first real train at 5 and have been doing so since. (OK, this fact isn't so interesting, but I had to include trains somewhere).

5. My parents were married in New Orleans. My lovely wife is from New Orleans. Weird huh?

6. Teresa and I moved to Lawton, Oklahoma when we got married. What's so unusual about that, you ask. Well, Lawton is the home of Fort Sill and I think I was the only guy without an Army haircut in town. My best friends there were a Lawton City policeman and a full blooded Kiowa Native American and we stay in regular contact.

7. OK, you got me here, this one is partially talked about in my profile. Teresa and I were reading a newspaper article about one of our local newscasters. This guy is a real nut. Anyway he went on a Spring Break trip that took him to all 48 contiguous states in the one week. Well, Teresa and I, being the natural born wanderers we are decided we could do this feat with our two daughters. They were just starting school at the time. We reasoned we would have to accomplish this goal before the oldest hit High School because we knew at that time she would loose interest. (We hit that one on the head) We hit our last state (New York) the summer of her eighth grade year. These are the only two kids in school that can color in every one of the 48 contiguous states. We are still trying to figure out how to do Alaska and Hawaii.

8. I have been through a Tornado. That was fun. (Northern Iowa again)

I don't know if these are interesting or not but it was fun. Thanks Stacy for the opportunity. Now I am supposed to tag eight people, but being the curmudgeon that I am I will let you all decide if you are tagged or not.

See you in the morning.


Stacy said...

Hey! I've been in a tornado, too! Well, I think it actually ended up being a funnel cloud, but how can they actually tell. It took off roofs, I know that. And I couldn't shut my front door (don't ask my why I was trying! I wasn't thinking.) even though I was pushing with all my might.

Isn't it the craziest experience?

Thanks for responding to the tag. :) Enjoy your Springfield evening...

Stacy said...

Thanks for checking back. We're coping well. The hard part is that my present job used to be hers, and she was my go-to person when issues came up. So I still have, "I need to talk to Andrea about that" moments. Plus, her name is all over my office, in books, papers, materials. I really feel very lucky to have known her.

Cris said...

I have been tagged too and haven't taken the time to write down 5 things people don't know about me... nice to know you survived the tornado!

Moksha Gren said...

Cool list. As far as I can count, I've hit 36 states and lived in 4 of them.

I grew up listening to my grandfather tell stories about jumping frieght trains when he was young and I rode the City of New Orleans back and forth to Missouri when I lived down in New Orleans. So, I'm with you on the trains.