Sunday, May 27, 2007


While there is nothing special about this photo it does represent a very deep memory for me. My father started this business. It built aircraft hangar doors for airplane hangars. The doors he built were of the very large bi-fold type which form a large canopy over the opening when they are open.

Dad loved aircraft, even more than I love trains. This business allowed him to be with what he loved until the end. My Dad began flying when he enlisted in the Navy in WW2. He became a training pilot, training young pilots how to fly so they could go on to the Pacific and fly off the aircraft carriers. I asked him if he missed not being in the actual combat arena and he used to say the trainer pilots had a higher mortality rate than the combat pilots in the Pacific. I guess the speed that which they had to train was incredible and that could lead to a lot of accidents. He didn't miss action entirely. For some time he flew OS2U Kingfisher seaplanes on anti-submarine patrols in addition to his training duties out of Pensacola. When the war ended he had orders to the Pacific to fly the new P-61 Black Widow night fighters escorting bombers over Japan.

Memorial Day is always special to me as I remember those in my family who have gone before me. I especially think of my Dad who served in WW2 and my Grandfather who served in WW1 as I go through this holiday weekend.

Take care everyone.


Mark said...

Hi Mike,
Just been having a look through all of your recent posts,love the picture of "Hutch" there is something about it and the masts look great in black and white.I did though particually like the train posts,they are so different to the ones that go past my signal box although the Class 66 freight train that are used quite a lot are built in Canada so they carn't be that different.

Cheers Mark

JAM said...

Nice stuff about your Dad. I take photos like this too, I call them record keeping. Not really visually great photos, but to simply have a photo of a location is nice. I've done this when back in Louisiana, who knows how long certain places will still be there and I wanted photos to record them, despite not having any artistic merit.

Cris said...

Nice, you must have some good old stories about your dad to share with us.

Stacy said...

Cool history in your family.

I'm glad there is a holiday to remember and honor people like your father and grandfather.

Moksha Gren said...

Wonderful post, Mike. I'll admit I was concerned when I saw the photo. Didnt strike me as particurlaly interesting. I stand corrected.

I know exactly the hangar doors of which you speak. The entire side of the hangar opens with creaks and groans. Very cool. Never thought about the folks that made such a contraption. Thanks for sharing that.