Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movie Time

This is the old Plaza Movie Theatre in Lamar, Missouri. I saw many movies here when I was a kid. I remember one of those classics "10 Million BC" starring Raquel Welch. Not sure why that one pops into my head!

I remember getting a popcorn and a coke and settling into the comfortable chairs and enjoying a movie and the air conditioning when I was a kid over summer break. I remember the older guy who was the theatre "policeman" and he would go around making sure all of us kids were behaving and not trashing his theatre. Ah, the good old days.

This was a great place to come. Thinking back I don't remember ever being bored in the small towns I grew up in as a kid. I hear kids today complaining about thier small towns. But then I didn't exactly go back to one either.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and that you take some time to go to the movies!


JAM said...

Love the Plaza photo. There was a Plaza Theater in Monroe, La, where I went to high school, but it wasn't a grand looking building like this one. It was just a late 60s, early 70s brick rectangle. But. I saw Star Wars there and some other classics, so it's still a great place in my heart.

I lived in a really small town as a kid, and it didn't have a theater. We had to go over the Mississippi to Natchez to a theater there. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was in Natchez, it was The Love Bug.

I remember as a kid begging my parents to let me stay up one night to watch Ten Million Years B.C. And heck, I was even too young to appreciate Raquel Welch, who incidentally became my very first major crush a few years later. I just wanted to see the dinosaurs.

See what one picture can dredge up in a person?

Moksha Gren said...

I grew up in Camdenton, MO...Lake of the Ozarks area. Back then there was a single screen theater on the square that I have fond memories of. time frame is more along the lines of Gremlins and such ;) It had a large window that would allow you to watch the movie while you waited in line for the bathroom and you could listen even while in the restroom. That's a trick that just doesn't work in the multi-plex.

Anyway...that theater is a matress store or something exually uninspiring these days.

Thanks for the memories.

photowannabe said...

The movie theather in our town, called the Seavue, has closed and the City Fathers have just approved a Walgreens to move into the space. Ah, progress....
No small town place to go anymore.

Anna said...

I love movies and I love this shot Mike. I love when these places are still a part of the community and offer us a wondow into our past.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Mike

Thanks so much once again for all your visits and comments on my blog.

You guessed right, if your place is not big enough to house Taxes then you better get one that is LOL, you read my mind!!

I love the railroad pictures, my Dad worked on the railways all of his life as a Fitter and Turner and Brass Finisher so trains were a bit part of my life (think I already told you that???)

The foxes are fabulous, what a great moment and opportune capture. They are beautiful.

The old theatre reminds me of one that was in the town that I grew up in, in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa). I havent been into a movie house in ages.

Hey I am not far from I70, I could just hop on it and zoom over to you guys, just a mere 400 odd miles LOL. Gee just thought that would make it real easy to get taxes pointed in the right direction but I will have to include toll fees in his equipment bag!!!

Take care


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Sorry recalculation 550 miles from Springfield MO, wow that is some drive