Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Old Things

This shot was taken on the Route 66 trip. This is a view of someone's front yard. They had all sorts of things on display along this fence and the truck served as a nice backdrop.
The Route 66 trip was taken with an official historian of that highway. He seems to know everything about it and could tell you a story about every building along the route. It was a great trip. We left at about 7am and got back around 3 pm. That was only covering the short distance from Springfield to Webb City, Missouri. There were 3 of us besides David, our historian. It was one of the best field trips we have taken.
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Seems like I am running short of time a lot lately. Guess I will have to set the alarm button a hair earlier or stop hitting the snooze button!
Anna, the lines are for you!


Cris said...

Nice shot. This trip sounds so interesting, the historian seems to have made all the difference.

Anna said...

Old truck...check.
Rusty kerosene lantern...check.
Timber fence...check.

Love the image Mike.


Moi said...

love all the old things here....the rust included :)

JAM said...

That would be great to travel the route with someone so knowledgeable. I like this photograph, very rustic (and rusty).

bluemountainmama said...

that sounds like a very cool trip. we live along route 50 and i think it would be neat to take a cross-country trip on it....just meandering through all the small towns.

i love all things "old"....great shot!

Chad Oneil said...

Good shot.

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like a truck on the show Sanford & Son.