Saturday, May 05, 2007

Portrait of a Friend 2

A number of months ago I posted results from another portrait session that Teresa and I did. Today I am posting a couple of shots from one we did last weekend. I did the shooting this time and Teresa acted as my assistant and teacher showing me how to pose our friend Debbie.

I have got to say this portrait stuff is easy when you have a good model. Some people are much easier to take pictures of than others and Debbie was one of the easiest. It was almost hard to get her without a smile.

We took the pictures at Springfield's Founders Park which gives both urban and natural shot possibilities. It is a great little park that measures maybe 200 feet deep and a 1/4 block long. It honors those that founded Springfield back in time and features concrete, a water feature (still off as of now) and natural features. They use it in the summer to show outdoor movies. Many photographers use it for its variety.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care.


Moksha Gren said...

I like them both. They're great shots and Debbie's kind eyes make them pleasant to look at as well.

I'm wondering if I have any friends around that would let me subject them to a photo shoot as practice. Hmmm

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Mike

Thanks so much for your visits and support over the past few weeks they are greatly appreciated.

These are great portraits, it definitely helps to have a photogenic and relaxed model. I have found that the people that I least expect to look good, come alive when you look through the lens and vice versa. I have taken photos of some really pretty girls that just look terrible in a photo.

I love the last couple of photos, black and white is definitely my favorite medium, I need to do more of it. I am not always a fan of these filters but in some cases they just work. The one of the old truck looks good. You will definitely be sure when you print it, that is what I do because sometimes it looks good on the screen but when you print it, it looks terrible.

Take care and thanks again. Hope your weather isnt too bad, I know there have been a lot of tornados around lately and you are prone to them there. The one in Kansas was devastating.



lv2scpbk said...

Nicely done photos.

Cris said...

Your friend smiling is so natural, she's lucky to have a friend who likes to experiment with portraits.

Chad Oneil said...

I'm sure she was happy with these.