Monday, May 21, 2007

Prarie Skyscrapers

I am moving slightly west this morning. This shot is in Hutchinson, Kansas. These are the biggest grain elevators I had ever seen except maybe in Kansas City. They were all over. I can see where the term "prairie skyscraper" came from.

Hutchinson is a fairly small Kansas town. It, at one time, boasted four railroads. The Santa Fe Super Chief used to make regular stops here on its way from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Today "Hutch", as it is referred to by locals, is fairly quiet. But there is one thing to do that is hard to find anywhere else in the Midwest. Hutchinson is the home of the Cosmosphere. This spaceflight museum is like no other that I have seen. It is extremely well done and I can't believe the collection they have been able to amass.

Tomorrow we will explore the Cosmosphere just a little further before I turn my attention to this weekend's trip.

Have a great Monday.


Anna said...

Great image Mike. I like the tone and the lines running through the shot. :)

JAM said...

I like this one. A bit of a world I've never seen.

Jackie said...

the cosmosphere sounds exciting! It really does look like a prairie city and I like how the picture is gritty in front of the buildings.

photowannabe said...

The term prairie skyscraper is a great one and fits the big grain silos perfectly. Nice shot Mike.