Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stockton Lake 2 - A Sea of Masts

Another of the Stockton Lake Marina shots. This is a totally different dock than the one shown yesterday. It is a larger dock and there are about 5 more just like it. There must be about 200 sailboats that call this marina home.

Things are actually calming down here and getting back to a more normal post graduation routine. I hope to be able to get around to your blogs on a more regular basis again.

Stockton Lake is a beautiful lake and a small one compared to the other nearby lakes such as Table Rock, Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Lake and Bull Shoals Lake. All were man-made and all within an hour and a half of Springfield.

Stockton, Missouri is the county seat of Cedar County. It was the site of a devastating tornado that ripped through the heart of town about 3 years ago. The entire city square (downtown) was leveled except for one bank. Stockton has rebuilt well compared to some of the other towns that were hit in the same storm. I was driving home from Omaha that day and I have never seen a day that was so muggy and conducive to the development of severe storms. Fortunately I made it home just before the storms got to our area.

Take care and have a good Thursday.


JAM said...

I like this B&W one a lot. It's perfect for the contrasty scene. I like that jumble of masts up there too.

Anna said...

Amazing shot. I love it and it makes me think of my parents and how much they love sailing....thanks for the reminder! :)

photowannabe said...

Love the lines, b&w and angles in the shot. Very nice composition. Glad you made it home safely. never been in a tornado and hope I never do.

Cris said...

Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

photographyxbyxsarah said...

This is such an awesome shot. And I love the title "A Sea of Masts." I can relate since we have a boat down there. Great work!