Thursday, May 31, 2007

This Old House

My apologies to Norm, Kevin and crew for the use of their shows title, but nothing else came to mind this morning.

Today's pictures are from the Harry S. Truman birthplace home in Lamar, Missouri. Harry lived in this house for about the first 18 months of his life before the family moved to Independence. Long enough to establish history though.

Well there is more history to this house than just the Truman's as one of the owners after the Truman's was my Grandmother's family, the Earp's. Yes, we are related to the famous western Marshall Wyatt Earp. Wyatt actually started his law enforcement career in Lamar, where his first wife is buried. Anyway I am off the story. The greatest time I ever had visiting the Truman birthplace took place a few years ago when I went with my Grandmother and my Great Aunt and they talked about all their memories from this house.

Rather the normal outside shot I have chosen a couple of pictures that I hope you enjoy. The top one is looking out of the front window of the sitting room with the Truman family bible on the table to the right. The second looks from outside the "bump-out" through it to the other side. These bump-outs were put in to allow more light to come into the house.

Another presidential connection....I hope you all enjoy your Thursday.


photowannabe said...

Wow, that's some interesting heritage. It would have been wonderful going back with relatives and hearing al the stories.
I remember visiting the Truman house about 25 years ago. I found it fascinating.
Love these window pictures.

GE said...

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Please keep us informed of any changes to it.

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Moksha Gren said...

Love the lamp shot. And cool stuff about your family's connections.

The house I lived in through high school and in whihc my mom still lives down in Linn Creek at Lake of the Ozarks has an old one-room school house on the property. Sadly, we just use it as storage, but it's got tons of character. Signatures throughout the ages have been written or carved into the plaster. One of them is Virgil Earp. I'm not convinced that it's really his signature...but it's pretty cool to see anyway.

Anna said...

The lamp image is great! I can never get enough of family stories and is all so interesting.

JAM said...

Both are nice shots Mike. I love the one looking from inside to the outside.

I like the connections in your words too. Makes the photos much more interesting.

Cris said...

The pictures are beautiful, nice to know about the "bump-out" and your heritage.