Saturday, May 26, 2007

Train Day

I had a rough day today so I thought I would fix it by posting another train picture. This is a rather unusual (for me anyway) intermodal train westbound at Lamar, Missouri which is one of my hometowns.

What is unusual about it is there was only one locomotive and all the container cars were empty. Talk about a trade imbalance. Where are the containers?

Any way here it is. The train caught where, as a boy, I used to ride my bike to and watch trains of the old Frisco Railroad go by. Memories.

Time is short today. I hope everyone has had a good Saturday and I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Holiday (if you are in the States, that is).


photowannabe said...

Nice shot. I like all the detail you captured especially the curve of the tracks.
Hope the rest of your holiday weekend goes well Mike.

Jackie said...

Happy Train Day!

The shape of the building behind the train is unique. It reminds me of a harmonica...or a few packages of twinkies.

Take care.

JAM said...

Looks like that was a good day for train watching. I like the top one for perspective and the lay of the land, but that bottom one is great.

Cris said...

What is the big plant behind the train? Nice shots.

Mike said...


The building behind the train is a large grain elevator. Not nearly as big as those I showed a few days ago in Hutchison, KS. but this one does dwarf the train.