Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Case of the Missing Roller Derby Queen

This post doesn't have a picture for one reason. We can't find the roller derby event that we want to take pictures of. I am convinced the derby is a figment of someone's imagination. We have tried two different weeks to find this. The first week came and when we got to the rink; there were no cars and it was locked. I looked at Teresa and said, "Is this the right place?" "Yes it is," was the response. Hmmm.

OK, lets get back to the beginning of this story. My wife works with a teacher who came in with bruises on her arms. Teresa, not being the shy type asked her what happened. Well the teacher tells her that she belongs to a roller derby group of women that meet regularly to get their fix of beating each other up on the skating rink. Immediately my eyes lit up and said, "We gotta get pictures of this."

So the next day Teresa asks her where this event was which is how we got the rink name. Lo and behold we find a dark rink. Of course when it comes to taking pictures Teresa is even more tenacious than I am so she calls her up and asks what happened. "Oh we decided not to do it that night" was the story. Strike one.

Well, a couple of weeks pass and Teresa gets a call from this teacher and says the derby is on for this last Tuesday. We pack our cameras up and off we go....this time is it supposed to be at a park. The directions were great and we get there but there are no fact I don't know where they could have skated at this park unless it would be on the tennis courts. So here we are stranded with no derby again. Strike two. I know this is the wrong sports analogy. I never said I was a sports writer.

I am convinced there is something fishy about this roller derby thing. Only time will tell whether we find the disappearing roller derby. But you guys will be the first to know. Besides, I only have one strike left.


Anonymous said...

I'm not certain if this is the same "Derby Queen" competition or not...

Springfield Missouri Roller Girls

webvira said...

Are any of these the league you're looking for?

Hannah Grenade
L.A. Derby Dolls

Mark said...

Here's hoping the next one isn't a strike. Live roller derby must be quite an experience.

Gina said...

I came across this blog entry while trying to find a roller skating rink in the Ozarks. Here's the link to the roller derby league in Springfield, MO.

It looks like their MySpace page is updated more frequently:

Kelsey Marie said...

Oh you are in luck! I happen to work at the rink in Springfield ann there is a derby coming up. Saturday the 15th Springfield Roller Girls will having a bout at Skateport on South Glenstone doors open at 6 and the bout starts at 7 Hope this helps!