Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Charges at the Park...an Update

This is copied from an email I received from the Park Board today. After I mentioned the charging of fees several of you made comments so I thought I would verify it.

There is a professional photographers fee of $25.00 (per day/session not per hour) for those that profit/generate revenue from photographing any park area per our fees and charges schedule. We do not allow people to have weddings in the Mizumoto Stroll Garden due to the delicate nature of the garden, but we do allow people to have their wedding photos taken there, this is also a very popular place for senior pictures. This fee can be paid at the garden admission gate. For any other park area, that fee would need to be paid at the main park office at 1923 N Weller, where you would receive a receipt for the date and park that you would be photographing. You would need to take this receipt with you as proof of payment when approached by a park ranger or park employee.

So I guess the bottom line is that if you make any money they want their cut.

Take care...more in the morning.


photowannabe said...

Good report but I agree it sounds like they don't want any
one to profit from the beauty in their park.

Anna said...

Wow....I have never heard of that before.