Saturday, June 16, 2007

House on the Rock

I am going to take a break from Silver Dollar City today and go back to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I was running through pictures the other day and this one caught my attention. This is the front porch of a house down there. It's a classic "if you can't beat it, just work around it" theory. Haven't heard of that theory? Well I just made it up. At first I didn't like this picture due to the profusion of power lines, but today I felt this front porch needed mentioning. The front stairs are just visible to the right. I would hate to try to get up these in one of those famous ice storms.

This is the kind of place I just love. Where man and nature get along rather than using brute force to conquer nature.

Today Teresa and I are headed to the Nathaniel Boone homestead to take pictures. Nathaniel is the son of frontiersman Daniel Boone and he had his farm near Ash Grove, Missouri. It is great being able to share your hobby with your wife. All we have to do is look at each other and say "where to today?" and we are off. It also makes it a lot easier to buy new things when you share them!

I hope everyone has a terrific Saturday. Thanks for your visits. Stacy, thanks for your kind words on your blog. It is great being able to bring the Ozarks back to you in Taiwan.


Anna said...

That is some first step off that front porch! :) Hope that you have fun on your road trip! Have a Happy Fathers Day there!

Stacy said...

Your welcome! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

That front porch is pretty scary! I'm with Anna...that's a doozy of a step!

Happy Father's Day

photowannabe said...

That's a really amazing house. I wonder if the floor creeks a lot being up on piers and the boulder.
No thanks on those stairs too. That's one reason we are buying a single story home. I'm sick of stairs.
Have a great trip. I can't wait till we get settled and can do dome tripping too.

Tracy said...

Cool pic. I think that I'd be afraid to live there, though!