Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nathaniel Boone Homestead State Historic Site

Well I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the actual historic site. We took these last Saturday on out little trip to Ash Grove.

Nathan was the youngest son of frontiersman Daniel Boone. The families had moved west to Missouri after too many people came to Kentucky for Daniel. The families floated their belongings down the Ohio to the St. Charles area. Nathan was so sick about leaving his girlfriend, two days into the trip he went back and married her and brought her by land to Missouri.

Nathan bought the acreage near Ash Grove later in his life and was forced to retreat there as a permanent residence when loans he made to other were not repaid and he himself got into credit trouble and had to sell the St. Charles home.

The barn above is new but the house is original. And look at that front porch!

You all have a great Thursday


Mark said...

Hi Mike, well you certainly get about, grat pictures showing what is around you. I guess the Coal/Nuclear debate wont get sorted until it may be to late.

Cheers Mark

Anna said...

Look at that porch! :)

Thanks Mike for sharing a story with the pic!

Tracy said...

I was taken by the waves in the roof line. Both are very nice!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Mike

Every time I hear or see a train now I think about you LOL and as you know I live right next to a busy track!!!! I had to wait for one at the corner of our property a few days ago on my way back to the house. These trains can be a mile long easily sometimes and they thunder down the track which towers above our field on an embankment. I sometimes cringe and think of the consequences if one had to derail right there, 25 feet from my barn and 50 feet from my house. I actually snapped a shot as it approached. I will process it and post it soon.

Your little buddy isnt so little anymore. It is so hot here that I dont get much opportunity to take photos of him anymore and he needs a friend to play with.

I hope you are well. Thanks for your visits.


Cris said...

That's neat to know the history behind that house. The barn... I love barns!

JAM said...

Nice. I love the shot from behind the house, with the old barn in it.

I'm glad that's an old house with a saggy roof and not distortion in your lens!