Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not a Front Porch, But a Hidden Porch

What I am listening to: Going Home, from the album The Other Side of Time, by Mary Fahl.

I love houses with surprises. This is the old McElhaney House in which I had an office at one time. I don't remember and have never been in the enclosed porch on the second floor. Oh well someday I am going up there in business hours and see if I can get a tour of this office!

It had been a few days since I had done a porch shot so I thought I had better get in the action. Not much going on today. Teresa and I are off on another photo shoot of which you will probably see the results of it later this week.

I just missed getting a chance to see and test one of the new Nikon 18-200mm VR lenses yesterday. I guess my local photo store sold the only one they had been able to get just before I had gotten there at lunch. Oh well....maybe later.

Tomorrow, perhaps my most unusual front porch yet. You all take care and have a great Saturday.


Paul said...

I've played with the 18-200mm VR and ended up going with my first hunch, the 70-200mm VR from Nik. Having the f2.8 all the way through to the 200mm range is nice. I know, price and having to have more glass to cover the low end range but still. I've bought a 2x extension for the 70-200 and now have a nice 400 that runs at the 5.6 range.

Just my 2 cents. Nice shots :)



Tracy said...

I would like to have a tour too. Or maybe to live there. Nah... too much cleaning!

Ele ^_^ said...

Wow great house.. It's seems a castle, it's hugeu and has a very nice architecture! ^^

Anna said...

WOW, that is massive. I prefer understated with a "not-so-hidden" front porch. Great shot nonetheless Mike. Have a good Sunday!

Cris said...

The green roof is so beautiful, my kids would call it a castle!