Friday, June 08, 2007

San Antonio Mission Trail

Most of you will recognize the top mission in San Antonio. The Alamo of course is a huge part of Texas History. What most people don't realize is there are about 4 other missions run by the National Park Service that are part of the San Antonio Mission Trail National Historic Site.

Take a look at these magnificent structures. They were once quite a horse ride apart. Now they are all part of the same sprawling city.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.


Stacy said...

Um. You forgot to get a picture of the basement.

OK. Bad joke.

Anna said...

Where is the front porch? :) I love your porches!

I like all three but that last shot is my favorite. Have a great weekend Mike!

JAM said...

That third shot is tremendous. Really nice.

Hey, I've been to the Alamo. Like Stacy, I was bummed that the basement was not part of the tour.

We stayed in a hotel next to the site in San Antonio and we could look down on it and the property around it from our room.

Moksha Gren said...

I like the second shot. It looks...brittle somehow. Just amazing buildings all around.

Elaine said...

I haven't been to San Antonio in a long time, but of course I still recognize the Alamo! The second and third shots are my favorites. All work well in b&w.

photowannabe said...

Great black and white work Mike. Haven't been to the Alamo but these pictures entice me. Perhaps someday.

Mark said...

Great ones here. I was just thinking of the missions the other day. When we visited my wife's longtime friend down there in San Antone, she was gracious enough to be our tour guide and show us The Alamo and the other missions. One wrong turn and we were locking the doors on her SUV.

But, I ended up with some decent shots. You know how it is, though, when you're visiting sites with other folks who are not taking pictures.

Good excuse, huh?

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. We were there about 25 years ago and took a bus tour of the missions. I think we got to see 8. It was something to experience. I was amazed at how small the Alamo is.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful aren't they Mike?

I've been to a couple of these (of course the Alamo is one of the ones I've seen).

When you are there in person, and allow yourself to be still and become truly aware of your surroundings it feels as though you can still sense the people there from past ages.