Friday, June 15, 2007

Silver Dollar City Part 2

This is Silver Dollar City part 2 and will probably be the final posting from there in this series. I may through in a couple more as I go through images later on. Teresa and I went down with the express purpose of just taking pictures. Because of this it was probably the most relaxing day I had ever spent down there. My youngest daughter and her friend spent most of their time on the rides. Silver Dollar City is probably best know for their water rides in which you are guaranteed to get wet.

They also have some cute shows. This is the only one we got to on Saturday and it is the old Silver Dollar Saloon Show. It was well done but had a smaller cast than I remember from the past visits.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. If you all ever come this way it is probably a must see stop especially if you are into old time crafts and such.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Elaine said...

I really like that second shot! Silver Dollar City has lots of photo ops. As for my pc, it's hard to tell what the problem is. We added a second hard drive, installed cs3, installed the laser printer all within a couple of weeks. We all know the laser printer/cs3 story! During all this my husband looked at the memory and realized it wasn't the best, so we changed that out. I agree with Anna, but a mac is not in the budget right now. (And if it was, I would have to sell my Windows CS3 and get a Mac copy!) Have a great weekend!

JAM said...

Silver Dollar City is one of my very most favorite places on earth. When I was growing up, my parents usually went to the Ozarks on vacations. Consequently, I've been to SDC many times. But it also has been years since my last visit.

Lovely Wife and I honeymooned in Eureka Springs and spent a day in Silver Dollar City. I always had to do the Marvel Cave tour and we'd get there early and eat breakfast in the mine/cave/restaurant. The train ride was a must too.

Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was originally the second Silver Dollar City, but Dolly Parton bought into it, and they changed the name. I've been to Dollywood twice.

Thanks for the memories!

Anna said...

The closest I have ever been to this I think is Gatlinburg, TN...anyone up for some redneck golf...aka...putt-putt! :)

Great shots Mike!