Friday, July 20, 2007

The Advantages of Being Up

OK, I am drawing to a close on my downtown field trip pictures. The place we ended up for most of these pictures was the third level of a parking garage. For the first time I was able to look down on some things. These lights cover then entrance to a alleyway. There are actually four in a row. The effect of the telephoto lens brings them apparently close together.

Last night Teresa and I found a new location to shoot. Actually she found it and I followed. She was giving Pherisis at the Red Cross here and they were telling her about Linden Falls. Linden Falls is an old swimming hole for a lot of them on the Finley River. It is located about 8 miles out of town. So we went down there and checked it out. I will post a few photos in the next couple of days.

These are different photos of the same lights in different locations from the same vantage point. The first one above is looking down the alleyway and the one directly above is across the street from the opening photo.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.


Mark said...

I like the compressing effect of telephoto shots, and you used it very effectively here.

Great vantage point for these. I like it when passersby are caught incidentally. People always make street pics more interesting, because instantly the viewer's mind starts thinking of stories for them. Mine does, anyway.

Moksha Gren said...

I like the second shot and agree with Mark that the people make the shot. Th ecomplex mess of wires aren't pretty, but that create a metaphor in my mind for the folsk down there living their own complex lives.

That said, I REALLY like the top picture. The perspective is cool and the shapes draw the eye in.

Looking forward to the waterin' hole

photowannabe said...

I like all the different views of the lights but the first one is great with its perspective.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

That compressing effect is called shortening the perspective I believe and happens with most zoom lenses which can give you a way cool effect if you use it in the right way.

I like the first one the most. Very cool.


Chad Oneil said...

Very cool, the first one is my fav.

JAM said...

I love the top shot. I like the series too, various angles on the same subject.