Friday, July 06, 2007

The Allure of Trains

I caught this little train fan watching his train at the Branson Landing last Saturday night. The train locomotive is an old EMD F-7 of the Branson Scenic Railway.

Which brings me to the question, what is the allure of a train? Travel into the unknown, romance, a sense of adventure? Is it the people you meet, the gentle swaying of the cars? What is your opinion? Do they still hold that allure for you?

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend. Take care and take a train if you dare or can.


Mark said...

Great contrast between the modern and the old, and the boy's presence is a nice touch.

You should take that boy on the road to all your shoots.

Mark said...

I just now noticed the ATV not far from the boy, obscured by something in the foreground.

Instead of a horse racing alongside the train, today it would be an ATV.

Moksha Gren said...

Good question. There's certainly a sense of power and size that mesmerizes the mind. But there's also the nostalgia for an age I never knew. Then there's the fact that it's mass transit (alwasy a plus in my book.) And it's mass transit that allows you to get up and roam around and look out big windows to often stunning scenery. What's not to love?

photowannabe said...

I think the allure is all of the things you mentioned. there is something so inviting about the lonely sound of the whistle in the dark of night.
Nice shot of the darling boy captivated by the train.

Anna said...

I also love the strength and power of trains....I love how the boy is in the frame here Mike!

Have a great weekend!

JAM said...

Love the little boys standing glued to the earth and watching the train. He's definitely close enough to get the rumble of the shaking ground coming up through his feet.

We love big, powerful machines. Planes, trains, trucks. Years ago when my Big Brother, who lived in Utah, to me to a copper mine where they had those massive dump trucks, I was just like the boy in this pic.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Nice shot Mike. My father worked on the Railways in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) as a journeyman (fitter and turner and brass finisher) all of his life. He worked mainly with the old steam engines. As a result we did all our travelling by train. We went to South Africa every second year to the seaside and the trip took three days and two nights, we used to love it. I got the odd piece of coal in my eye which wasnt too pleasant because we would hang out of the windows and watch everything go by. That brings back so many memories!!

I think it is definitely a romantic thing that attracts people to trains, which was a better form of travel in times gone by. Of course nothing beats those old steam locomotives!!