Monday, July 23, 2007

Crossing the Falls

These pictures are of a young lady crossing the falls on foot, treading her way very carefully. I like the top picture the best due to the position of her body the curve of it almost offsetting the curve of the falls.

These pictures were also taken at Linden Falls. Low light condition at 100 ISO. As you can imagine the person had to be standing fairly still. There weren't too many people there at one time but the traffic was steady and there were people swimming up and down the Finley, not just at the falls.

Hope everyone has a great Monday. I hope these pictures bring you some relief from the summer heat or bring back memories of times past when you waded into the local creek or pond to beat the summer heat.

Tomorrow will bring the last pictures from Linden Falls then I will be off for 5 days to the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. My first real vacation in two years. There will probably be no posts during that period but hopefully some good pictures of the Smokey Mountains.


Mark said...

Excellent pics. I, too, like the top one best.

Some photos are just better with people in them, and if you don't have your own person to "pose," then what better way than to catch a local resident in action? (as opposed to a local resident's inaction, which is totally different)

You managed scenic and photojournalistic in one shot. Nicely done.

Now that I'm back from the Rockies, you're off to the Smokies. Between the two of us, we better have something worth showing, huh?

Have a great trip!

Lori said...

Those are wonderful photos, I like the top one best too. They are really beautiful. Enjoy your vacation and come back with lots of great photos!

Cris said...

Hey Mike, we're almost done with the first part of a long project, hopefully I will be able to post more often soon, and this week, I will just take it easy, starting with a breakfast for friends tomorrow. Lovely pictures you've been posting, it's been cold here, so it is hard to imagine the young lady is actually having a good time there. :-)

photowannabe said...

Excellent shots. i like the curves of the falls and her body also.
have a super vacation Mike. First in 2 years, you deserve it. Looking forward to seeing your travels when you return.

JAM said...

Both are really nice shots. I like the top one for the same reason as you, but actually prefer the bottom one. The look of concentration on her face makes it for me.

Elaine said...

Nice shots. The top one is my favorite, also. Hope you have a great vacation, but we will miss you this Thursday! Will you be sending "Krappy Kamera" shots?

Chad Oneil said...

"Hello" ;)

Great catch! The falls compliment her very nicely.

Great work.

bluemountainmama said...

where in NC? i used to live in haywood county which is considered the gateway to the smokies.