Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Isn't This Refreshing?

The last of my pictures from Linden Falls. I loved the expression on the guy above. This was about the best one I got and they all had a "Rocky Balboa after the fight" quality to them. This guy seemed whipped and thoroughly enjoying himself in the falls. He must of had a rough day.

The young lady above was the friend to the one posted yesterday as she made her way across the top of the falls. Both young ladies made their way across the falls to the other side without falling. I have no idea whether they got wet coming back.

You all take care and enjoy yourselves. I will see you in about a week unless I manage to post something from afar.


MedaM said...

Wonderful and so refreshing! That is what I just need right now. It's been so hot over here for days.

Moksha Gren said...

I like your ROcky Balboa description. I was thinking he looks like he fell down the falls and was almost knocked out...so we agreed on blunt trauma at least.

Both cool pictures.

Lori said...

That certainly does look refreshing. He looks like he's having a great time!

bluemountainmama said...

playing in waterfalls...one of my favorite summer activities! :)

so, did you get wet or enjoy from afar? :)

Cris said...

I had the feeling he fell down! Neat.

Kekiinani said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Hope to see some cool shots of the Smokey Mountains. Love the series on the Falls.. :) :)