Monday, July 02, 2007

Signs of Summer

It's a summer phenomenon here in the States. About the time the season changes to Summer these colorful tents pop up everywhere selling fireworks for the 4th of July holiday. Sometimes they are as beautiful as the fireworks themselves.

I hope all my US friends have a great Independence Day week and that all my transplanted US friends can take time to celebrate Independence Day wherever they are in the world. It is important to remember that we are all Americans and that despite what the news media and the Congress says we are a great nation and what we do in the world is important. I celebrate those in uniform across the world helping make the world a better place not only for Americans but for all. They are our best ambassadors. I only hope all this anti war rhetoric doesn't diminish the pride they should have in themselves no matter what anyone thinks about the politics of the War in Iraq.

Take care and have a great Monday.


Mark said...

Yeah, is anyone else worried that fireworks stands are the most patriotic looking structures in our country, and they only spring up once a year?

Gaudy, yes, but patriotic.

I love to see every year how ridiculous they get with the "buy one get three free" offers.

I agree we can support our troops without blindly supporting every decision our leaders make to send them in harm's way.

It's important for all of us to remember that without people willing to go out and put themselves in mortal danger, we'd all be saying "lift" instead of "elevator."

Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, but you get my point. It's about Independence.

Moksha Gren said...

I don't know, Mark...Bank of America stays pretty patrioatic year round :)

It is a difficult balancing act to disagree with a war but still support the country and the men and women who fight for it...but it's an important distinction.

These tents tend to generate "discussions" in our car as my wife and I drive past them. She grew up in areas that did not allow fireworks and feels pretty strongly that we should not be putting explosives in the hands of our children. I, on the other hand, grew up with said explosives and look forward to sharing thsoe fond memories with our daughter. Then again...I'd probably sleep bette rat night without the constant fear of the neighbor kids burning my house down ;)

One way or the other, though. Happy Birthday, America!!

Elaine said...

Nice shot--I like that there are trees in the background.

(I'll stay out of the political discussion, but I do support our troops. Even during Viet Nam I respected the soldiers for doing their duty. I can easily make a distinction between support for troops and support for the politics behind the war.)

Anonymous said...

Love the shot...each year it seems like there are more tents than the year before. I love the 4th, and truthfully I am like a kid in a candy shop when I get inside one of these places...

I think it is important that each of us make an effort to separate our feelings about the war from our feelings about the troops. It is likely that there are as many men and women in uniform that disagree with the war as there are ones that agree with it...and yet, those men and women who disagree are still doing their job: they are protecting our liberties with their lives. Regardless of my opinions of the war, I owe each and every one of our troops a debt that I simply cannot repay.

Happy Independence Day!