Monday, July 16, 2007

Y Bridge Part 2

This is a view from the Deck of the Y Bridge looking south on the James River looking toward Table Rock Lake. In the distance you will see remnants of an even older prior bridge. This one would have been used prior to 1927 when the Y Bridge was completed. In the far distance is the Missouri & North Arkansas (formerly Missouri Pacific) railroad bridge across the James River.

Teresa and I didn't make it very far on our Saturday journey as she came down with a stomach virus. These were evening shots and Galena, Missouri ended up being our only stop.

No, it isn't Friday (Cat Blogging Friday for those not familiar with the tradition), but this is what seems to be the only permanent resident of the Y Bridge. This cat was laying on the bridge, apparently injured or sick and people were feeding her or him. Not sure which.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.


photowannabe said...

Nice pictures . So sorry your wife got ill and your trip was cut short. Hope she gets better fast.

Ele ^_^ said...

Nice photo, obviously my favourite is the cat ^^

ps: I've added your link ^^

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Lovely scenery Mike, wish I could see some of that here.

Cute kitty, hope it isnt sick.


Chad Oneil said...

Nice picture of that cat.

JAM said...

I like the old pillars there, or whatever they're called. Nice shots. I like the cat too, he seems to be accustomed to having his photo taken.