Thursday, August 23, 2007

Looking For Something Different?

As you probably guessed from yesterday's post I am thinking about smaller houses. Well here is a real treat for you. Take a look at some of the small houses on this website and tell me what you think.

Hopefully by the next post I will be able to get some pictures posted.

Take care and have a good Friday!


Mark said...

I've seen these things before, and they're pretty neat little architectural marvels.

You say you got to see one live?

Mike said...

No not live. But if you explore the website there are a couple of pretty good video clips.

Ele ^_^ said...

Nice houses but are too little I think! I like the B-52 Bungalow and it's really cheap! ^^

Heidi said...

Those are amazing! I like the idea of it... but to go from what one might have now to that would be a big leap!

Are you really thinking of going that small?

photowannabe said...

Very eco-friendly but I think it would be much too small for my life style. He certainly has used every square inch to its best.

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Hi di ho ,
have a good friday and also a good weekend to you too.

:) JoAnn

JAM said...

Kinda nifty looking but I couldn't live in that. My feet's footprint is almost 100sq feet by themselves. And where would I put my Lovely Wife, children, dogs, cat, fish, cameras, and guitars.

Ok, I'm a capitalist and a consumer at heart.

Salty said...

America first supersized fries & sodas. Now we have supersized our bodies and our homes. A diet is in order but this is too much of a "house diet" even for me!

Interesting concept. They would make a great weekend getaway.