Thursday, August 09, 2007

Playing With the Macro

I have a macro lens that I really don't use very often. Since it has been so hot and dry here in Missouri I decided that I would get the macro out and play around with it one evening indoors where it is cooler. Hence, the break from postings about the Biltmore.

This is an N scale model built by Kato of Japan. Each of these items in reality is approximately one inch tall. Yes, the engine in the top photo runs quite well. The car in the the bottom photo is a domed passenger car. The models are from Kato's exquisite replica of the famous California Zephyr passenger train that ran in real life from Chicago through Denver, Salt Lake City to San Francisco on three railroads; the Burlington, the Denver and Rio Grande and the Western Pacific. The train was the first to use the dome car. There were five of these dome cars on the train in all and passengers could sit back and watch the mountains of Colorado roll by in comfort.

This picture was taken very simply, straight on in normal incandescent light. It was kind of fun for a change and got me a little more used to a lens that I have rarely used and I am not a real fan of.

What have you tried new recently?

I hope everyone has a great Thursday, boy has this week flown by!


Stacy said...

I just discovered the macro button, too. Except on my button it's the little tulip. I kept trying to get this close up picture of a little starfish stuck to the glass at the aquarium, and I thought, "I wonder what this tulip thingy does?" I tried it, and got this great close up.

How's that for technical talk?

Now if I can get the lighting down.

Mark said...

Dang it! Where's my tulip button?

Seriously, though, these are great macro shots. Is this lens you use strictly for macros, or does it also shoot normal distance photos?

I have a Nikon 55mm made to allow macro shots. It takes great pictures at normal distances. Completely manual lens -- one of the best pieces of glass they ever made, really. It works on my D100, if I set everything manually.

One problem, though, is that my D100 magnifies it 1.5x, making it about an 83mm lens.

Although I carry it with me on every photo outing, I use it on about every 10th trip (including New Mexico!).

But, really, this is your blog, not mine, so I'll stop.

Lori said...

Wow, you have a great macro lense. The details are so sharp on those trains. I'd love to ride that one through Colorado!

Your Biltmore photos are fantastic too. I've always wanted to visit there. Maybe one day!

Mike said...

Mark, This is the lens for macro only. I also have a ring flash for it which works well outdoors.

Stacy, I love the technical talk. That tulip button does work pretty well when you get used to it. Had one I used ocassionally on the Olympus which if you remember is the camera I started with and still enjoy tremendously.

Thanks for your comments. This is already turning into a very interesting discussion.

Shelby said...

great shots!! i'm not familiar with the macro thing tho.. I have much to learn yet in photography.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice shots.

Moksha Gren said...

Cool. I've never really worked with macro. But the shots are great. The detail of the models is such that only th elack of dirt and grime give away the illusion.

Annie said...

At first I thought you were going to say that your photgraphed these trains roaring by outside your window. It stopped me in my tracks to read that they were little models of trains. Your lens made them as big as real life to me.

Something new I've tried lately? Well, nothing so exciting as you have done here. I made a new pie this morning - Norwegian Apple Pie - because it has no oil or shortening at all in it. Our household is on a no-to-low fat diet these days. It's good to have a pie recipe that works for us.

Chad Oneil said...

Very cool. I love lookig at model trains!

KMF said...

its first time in your blog
i realy enjoyed your photos

Elaine said...

I had a big learning curve with my macro lens, but it became my favorite lens once I got it figured out. These are nice--I'm ready to hop on a train and get away for a few days!

Cris said...

These are great Mike, I use my macro button a lot, and the super macro button too, I have a Canon G6, and love it, since I do not want to spend money with macro lenses, and really, this is just a fun hobby. Once I found out about that tulip button my life changed! heheh. I have been cooking more often for family, and sometimes I post my recipes on another blog I have. That's all from our end...