Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ray House at Sunrise, Part 2

Let's see, I left off yesterday with things amiss at the Ray House and a dog growling. Well from inside this tent a dog growled. I said, "Good Boy" and walked on determined to get my pictures. Teresa was a little more hesitant or perhaps a little brighter than me. She called out to whomever in the tent and said, "We are photographers can you get the dog?" A ladies voice replied, "Sure." So we went on taking our pictures and after a little while the Park Superintendent came out to check on us and the camper and take a few of his own pictures i guess.

He reported the camper was one of the reenactors and she loved camping on the grounds. He always worried a little about her but she insisted on staying on her own. You can barely make out her tent in the center background of this shot.

I took this picture just after the one yesterday using a fill flash technique we had talked about in our camera club a couple nights earlier. Of course that fill flash series was more for smaller things like insects and portraits, but I had to try in on a larger scale. I dialed the strength of the flash back considerably and shot away. This was my favorite of the bunch.

I hope each of you has a great Wednesday and that you get to try something new today.


JoAnn - NL Photography said...

Hey, You're doing great, beautiful shot and yeh I believe you are doing pretty well, using a flash . wow! thats well done..( you don't see the flash.. that quith hard to do but you did it very well)

my dog is never even barking, that so easy about a Bernese mountain dog. I also posted a cow's story which is pretty funny but really happened,


Lori said...

Wow, getting up early was really worth it! I think these photos of the Ray House are terrific. I was just reading about fill flash in my camera book the other day. I must try some experiments with it too.

bluemountainmama said...

love the colors in both of these last ones.... incredible sunrise hues.

i'm not an early riser....nad i know i miss out on this beautiful sight b/c of it.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Glad the growling was sorted out, nothing more scary than a dog growling. I witnessed a dog attack a man once and never want to see that again and it would have given me fits if I had been with you!! LOL


Chad Oneil said...

I like the color of the sky.

I'm glad you enjoyed my Bride images.

Cris said...

I always say that early birds get the most of the day!

Anonymous said...

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