Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stones River National Battlefield

I know, most of you are thinking "oh no, Mike found another battlefield."

Teresa and I did stumble onto this one in Murfreesboro, TN. It was a picturesque little battlefield that we noticed on our Tennessee road map on the way back from the Smokey's.

The object of this battle lay in the background of this picture. Yes, the rail like and the old Nashville pike were the objects of the battle here at Stones River.

More on the battle tomorrow.

Now for a little unfinished business...The information on Meriwether Lewis came from the book Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambroise. He speculates based on large gaps in the journals of the trip west and on writings of Thomas Jefferson that Lewis suffered from depression at times. There is NOT a lot of other support especially in earlier books on the two explorers. I encourage you to read the book and draw your own conclusions.

Have a great Tuesday.


Mark said...

Very nice picture of the cemetery. Until I read your text, I mistook the rail's gravel embankment for a shimmering lake. That's 2-D photography for you! I was able to tell what it was as soon as I knew what it was (and I'm sure clicking for the larger version would have helped, too).

Funny that you guessed some might be lamenting your stumbling upon another battlefield. My father's a Civil War nut, and on our drive from central Arkansas to Washington, D.C. (Tennessee, Virginia), there's no telling how many battlefields we saw. The next summer, it was a drive to Destin, FL (think Mississippi, Alabama) that got him going.

Salty said...

You will never find too many battlefields for me! Looking forward to reading more!

photowannabe said...

Thanks for all your information. It helps make history come alive.
Ilove how the shadows play across the headstones. Nice picture.

JAM said...

I like the shots. Athough it was long ago, I always feel so sad at Civil War memorials and burial grounds.

There were a bunch in the Atlanta area when we lived there and just driving by them while going about town always make me think.

Side note: Isn't that drive all the way across Tennessee on of the longest, most endless-seeming drives you've ever taken? I was so glad to get out of Tenn. that I almost stopped the car to kiss the ground.