Sunday, August 26, 2007


A large scale model of the Titanic is on display at the Library Center in Springfield. It promotes the Titanic Museum now open in Branson. The model is very well done but showing it's age. It is kept in a beautiful glass enclosure. The lighting is adequate for viewing but terrible for photography.

The last photo is a charcoal rendering done in Photoshop. Yes, I was playing.

I can hear Celine Dion singing now.


Chad Oneil said...

I see Leo and Kate too ;)

Mark said...

I didn't get an idea of how large this model is. 10 feet long? More? Less?

I never knew there was a Titanic museum in Branson. New?

Mike said...

The model is about 10 feet long. The Branson Titanic museum is new and is built to look like the ship. It features a replica of the grand staircase. You can find it all on 76 Country Music Blvd.

I haven't been there yet but my oldest daughter is a big fan and says it is great!

photowannabe said...

That would be an interesting museum built to look like a ship. Good shots.

luke156 said...

nice model titanic!

Geraldo said...


I love model ships, and this looks great!
And if you think it's aged, you should see the original... :-)