Monday, August 13, 2007

Wilson's Creek Revisited

Put together a camera club field trip, the filming of a documentary and about a hundred reenactors and you get a revisit to Wilson's Creek. The National Park Service has commissioned a new documentary about Wilson's Creek. They were filming it this weekend so we were there. This shot was taken near the Ray Cornfield and featured two of the reenactors on horse back. It looks just like something out of the movie "Gods and Generals" or "Gettysburg".

Talk about dedication, these guys were out in 100 degree heat wearing these wool uniforms. They were getting judicious amounts of make-up and bug repellant applied all over them. They were sweating and hot but we didn't hear a one of them complaining. They were having the time of their lives!

I am running late today so there will be more tomorrow. Have a great Monday!


JoAnn's-Story&Photo-A-Day, said...

Hi Mike, Youre very welcom also thanks for your visit on my blog,

What a great view yu have there, it looks like a 'Bonanza" movie , it might is a movie as you said so...

wowow I am not jealours about their clothes in that hot temperature,

we ( in Europe) measure in Celsius, so here a good 30 degrees is hot that we hd in Spain), but we are not having a high temperature right now in Holland, but only clouds and rain, Yak!

Bye see you on my blog tomorrow or this week ,

Shelby said...

I admire those folks working in that heat.. gosh it's awful.

bluemountainmama said...

there's something magical...and almost haunting ...seeing these re-enactors out in the field.

during our local heritage days festival, they re-enact one of the battles.... way out in a river valley where it actually took place...a landscape that remains untouched by development and 'civilization' seeing it there is a moving really being there. except, of course...when the airplanes fly overhead.... :)

luke156 said...

I hope the final cut is a masterpiece after what these guys went through, nice shot.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Nice shot Mike, of course the fact that they are mounted appeals to me just that little bit more!!! You would look good dressed like that on Taxes in a few years time Hint hint hint LOL.

I am enjoying your photos, it is great to see how you have grown in your photography since I first started visiting here.

Hope things are cooling down for you too.


Cris said...

Well, they must be making big bucks, and can't complain! Maybe we'll see this on Discovery channel anytime soon?