Saturday, September 15, 2007

Colorado Trip- Day 1

I have a lot of ground to cover so let's get started. I left before dawn this morning from Springfield with the goal to reach Lamar, Colorado by sunset. I detest interstate highways so I planned my trip to cut across the southern part of Kansas on the backroads. When I left Springfield it was about 40 degrees and cloudy. About the time I hit the Kansas border I was in the middle of a line of thunderstorms. The shot below was taken of a windfarm in the storms. The rain was really coming down here and I had to roll the window down to take this shot from the truck.

This next shot of the grain elevator was taken in Cunningham, Kansas. I always seem to get pigeons in my grain elevator shots. (Teresa will get what I mean)

The next four shots were taken in Greensburg, Kansas. This town was hit by a devastating F5 tornado in May of this year. There is not much left of what once was a pleasant and quiet little town. Greensburg is the home of the largest hand dug well in the world. I can't even imagine coming out of my basement after this one. The damage was so severe they are even digging out the foundations of the homes. The prairie seems to be recovering the town.

The first two shots are downtown.

This next shot is taken in the small park by the hand dug well.

What is left of a stop sign.

I love cornfields and this one really got me to stop.

This was something I had never seen before. This camp was an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. What a sad chapter in our history. The camp has largely returned to the wild as you see in the final two pictures. All that remains are the concrete slab foundations of the barracks the Japanese-Americans stayed in. The cactus, yucca and sagebrush are filling in the rest of the camp. I think it has only recently been procured and converted into a historical park

Tomorrow I move on to Old Bent's Fort, Great Sand Dunes National Park and then Chama, New Mexico.

Hope every enjoys following along.


Mark said...

Good photographic chronicle so far.

Your images of Greensburg conjure up memories of newscasts and print media shots following that disaster. You did a good job of showing the results.

Hey! You're going to the Great Sand Dunes! Can't wait to see. I hope you got better lighting than I did (see, I'm starting the excuses already).

Heidi said...

I really like the cornfield, too.

Pat Jenkins said...

spectacular stuff mike!!!

JAM said...

Amazing set of photos.

That tornado damage is beyond belief. Wow.

Those final two closeup shots of the plants were wonderful.

photowannabe said...

Great travelogue. Its hard to believe the destruction by wind and rain.
Drive safe.

bluemountainmama said...

what a great series of shots, mike! that's all new territory to me,as i've never been further west than missouri.

i love the perspective and framing of the silo. and the tornado destruction is sad! are most of the residents still there?

you're a kindred spirit.....what fun to hop the open road. and i love backroads.i'll take them any day over interstates....that's where you really 'see' america.

Salty said...

The shots of Greensburg are so sad, to think that a quiet little town can be blown away with one storm.

Great travel journal! Great photography as well!