Monday, September 17, 2007

Colorado Trip - Day 2

Day two started off with an early morning drive to Old Bent's Fort National Historic Site. Bent's Fort was a major stopping point on the mountain branch of the Santa Fe Trail. The first five photos were taken here. I love this place. The National Park employees are all in period costume and there is a store here that you can buy authentic items that would have been sold on the trail. Blankets, period clothing and hats, supplies as well as more traditional stuff like books and videos. I won't comment on each shot and just let you imagine life back then.

Stop 2 on day 2 was Great Sand Dunes National Park. These sand dunes are formed due to the peculiar way the Sangre de Christo Mountains block the wind and forces it to drop all the dust and sand it had been carrying. These things are huge. You can see two people walking in the picture below. I have also shown the mountain range that is responsible for these dunes. The final shot in the Great Sand Dunes shots are of a native aster ( I believe). I accidentally took this shot with my polarizing filter on. I kind of like the dark way it turned out.

The final shots of the day are of the two ends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. This line was formed by the States of Colorado and New Mexico when the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad decided to fold its remaining 3 foot narrow gauge lines. The top shot is of an engineer in Antonito, Colorado on the east end of the line. The bottom shot is of the West end of the line in Chama, New Mexico where I spent the night before continuing on my journey.

Those of you who follow me regularly will already realize I am a day behind due to the time it takes me to process my raw shots. Day 2 was huge fun. Day 3 will be interesting to you all as weather played a big role in what I ended up doing. Day 4 will be spent in Durango and on the narrow gauge circle in which I will follow the path of the Denver and Rio Grande branch to Silverton (now known as the Durango and Silverton). From there I will follow the Rio Grande Southern from Ouray back through Telluride to Durango.

Until I can get those raw shots process, I will see you on the road.


Memories Catcher said...

Great shots.Interesting place.I like the colors and light.

Heidi said...

The sand dune pictures are incredible!!!

Chad Oneil said...

Lots of great stuff here. I love the shadows on the second image, the sky in that one image and the black and white train image.

Mark said...

Ah, nice to see the Dunes again. I'm glad you had some sunny skies with just the right amount of white clouds. Okay, a little jealous, but glad.

Nice train pics, too, of course. Keep having a great time!

JAM said...

Every one is amazing. The dunes are something that I've always wanted to see.

I'm sure the trains were a highlight for you.

Good job.

Though, I personally would probably have doled these out a couple at a time, milking them as much as I could.

But like a glass of Quick, it's fun to drink in a bunch too!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Vey impressive surounding I just enjoy to look at them , I LOVE the wide-sand (dunes?) and the wood with filtered sun,excellent!:)