Monday, September 24, 2007

Colorado Trip - Day 6 The Finale

These pictures were all taken in the morning at Arches National Park in Utah.

Courthouse Rock

Courthouse Rock Closeup

Double Arch

Delicate Arch

Near Double Arch

This will conclude my trip coverage. Of course I have many more pictures that I will share with you along the way as the circumstances warrant.

By the end of Day 6 I was actually pictured out. I wanted to get home so I set out for home and actually arrived home on Day 7. Utah is a long ways from Springfield. I put in a book on tape listening to Stuart Wood's Reckless Abandon and the trip home was a breeze.


Faye Pekas said...

Oh Wow!! I just toured your trip to Colorado photos and I am just sooo impressed. All of the rock shots are wonderful but you so so many other great photos too. These shots make a great "Photographers, come to Colorado for great photos" ad.

Sorry I didn't get here until the last day but sure enjoyed the trip :) Thanks for sharing.

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful photos but my favorite is the double arch.

Mark said...

Double arch and delicate arch are great. Still, the distant shot of Courthouse Rock is excellent because of the sunlight. Just stunning stuff, Mike.

What a photographically fruitful trip you had.

Sniderman said...

well done, sir.

Pat Jenkins said...

ahhh the ability of nature to create such beauty. good job mike of capturing it!!!!

photowannabe said...

Absolutely supurb. These photos are so beautiful, they could be a claendar.
Great series.

MedaM said...

All the photos are absolutely wonderful!

JAM said...

These shots are simply amazing. They look like post cards. It's like my photos from Yellowstone, despite how beautiful they the photos are, you know the real thing is even more amazing.

ASH said...

These are breathtaking! Arches was part of our spring trip, but I did not get such entrancing photos. How did you get the one of delicate arch? It seems like you had to be on the opposite side of the arch from where the trail leads up, but I just remember a big drop off on that side!