Sunday, September 09, 2007

Front Porch to the Civil War

This is the Elkhorn Tavern. Most of the fighting at Pea Ridge took place at this or near this location. I guess because it was a tavern it didn't get destroyed! And look in one picture I have been able to combine two of my main themes; front porches (double-decker again) and the Civil War.

The Battle of Pea Ridge marked the end of a campaign that began on Christmas Day, 1861, with the appointment of Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis to head the Federal Southwestern District of Missouri. Curtis acted with more zeal that his predecessors and he began pushing Confederate and pro-Confederate forces out of the state of Missouri. By mid-February 1862, he and his troops had chased their main opponents, Major General Sterling Price and the Missouri State Guard into Arkansas.

The Union's Brig. Gen. Curtis was ambitious, but thoughtful. He was a leader and his men liked him and most of all trusted him. This almost cost him his army, but he also possessed a cool head in the heat of a crisis.....

Curtis knew a counter attack was imminent and he believed any attack would come from the south. Curtis and his men began digging in about two miles south of the Elkhorn Tavern. The work was exhausting in the half frozen, rocky soil of Northern Arkansas. Little did he know that personalities far more extreme than his own were playing a role in his be continued.

A personal note. This week will be a busy one for me as I prepare for a weeks vacation. I was originally scheduled to go with my camera club to the Tetons but that trip fell through on my part not theirs. There is still a large group going. I am now doing a more scaled back trip which I will hopefully be sharing with you toward the end of the week.

I hope everyones' week starts well.


photowannabe said...

Have a great vacation whereever you go.
I love the fence and porch in your shot. See you when you return.

Pat Jenkins said...

mike i love civil war history!! you have become a link for my passion!!! keep it up!!!

Cris said...

Enjoy your vacation! Time flies when we are out of town. Beautiful porch, and the house seems to be in good shape.