Saturday, October 27, 2007

Children's Lit Fest - Sisters

The other night I had the privilege of photographing the Children's Lit Fest here in Springfield with Teresa. There is a point where the children's authors do some talking, which was apparently too much for this young lady. Here sis is more than happy to point out her sister being asleep. Dad told me he plans to use this picture against her someday when her boyfriends come over.

Children's authors from all over the country come in to talk about their books. It is fun to meet and talk to these famous authors and the kids enjoy getting their autographs and photographs.


photowannabe said...

That must have been a fun and interesting event to photograph.
Love the candid sister's shot.

Kerri said...

Funny shot! The Lit Fest sounds great! I would have loved something like then when I was a child.

Pat Jenkins said...

huh good stuff!!!

Moi said...

haha....this is precious a shot !! :)