Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Shawnee Mission South High School Color Guard, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Taken at the Ozarko Marching Band Competition, Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.
Blogger wouldn't let me upload a picture this morning so I thought I would have a discussion with you all. Now as you can see it did? Wierd, huh?

I loved the light and the outfits of this group. They put on a really good show.

I have been struggling with inspiration since I returned from my western trip. It is hard to get excited about taking pictures after seeing the many wonderful sights in the West. Here is today's discussion topic. What do you do to recharge your batteries and get inspired to take photos again?

Let me know by comment what types of things you do to kick start your creative juices.

Thanks and hopefully the photo uploader won't be blocked forever. After all the message I am getting says "Blogger is aware of the problem and is currently working on a fix." Now it works...who knows?

Until next time, take care.


Mark said...

That's a cool shot. Usually the flags clash so badly with the uniforms that the color guard looks like they were coordinated by the color blind (no offense to those so afflicted).

To recharge and get inspired? Well, don't move to the Dallas area, that's for sure. About the only thing that might inspire someone here is the skyline at night, but I'm too chicken to go down there at the right time to capture it!

Right now in the Ozarks? I'd be read to shoot those beautiful fall colors. Rivals any others in the country.

Kerri said...

I am an early morning person and definitely feel more inspired 1st thing is the am. I have gotten LOTS of inspiration from this blogging community. From church spires, to wildlife pictures, to cows, to barns, to porches, front doors, and B&W photography. I also like to read about photographers. (reading a Biography on Ansel Adams right now) For my first 40 years I feel that I have been a very non-creative person. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler :) After a health scare earlier this year I have definitely been looking at things from a different perspective. (I still don't think I am very creative) My daughter(15) has also taught me to look at things in a different way..... a Starbucks cup turned just a certain way.... a speed limit sign..... a swingset with the swings lined up in order but offset slightly.... a leaf on the ground. I saw just this morning a blog with a macro shot of piano keys. I thought it was awesome! Part of what gets my creative juices (not that I have many) flowing is to leave my comfort zone of what I normally photograph and be open to new things. Anways.... sorry to ramble. Thanks for asking the question!

bluemountainmama said...

i love the colors! a great capture!

i think different things inspire me...and i go thru phases. i went a couple of months this summer hardly taking any photographs, but i think the move and a new area inspired me to start shooting again.

happyone said...

I am not what you would call a photographer but I do enjoy pictures of simple every day things as well as the wonderful scenery shots that you have captured. I liked kerri's comment and agree with her.

Chad Oneil said...

Very cool ;)

Heidi said...

It is amazing what going outside can do for inspiration... and challenging yourself to go somewhere you have never been.

Neato picture, btw.

Blue Wave 707 said...

The contrast of the green turf & the purple outfits was a good photo choice, though the saturation leveles must have been a bit high.

MedaM said...

Hello Mike! Thank you for your beautiful words very much. It really means me a lot.
As for the inspiration, I don’t think I am a right person for commenting about that, yet the most inspiration I found in the inexhaustible beauty of nature. I wouldn’t stop photographing flowers and more flowers, various trees, fruits, landscapes, sky….
As for you I think it is only a temporary lack of inspiration which you will get over quickly. This photo and the previous ones are wonderful, colorful and very interesting.
Keep on posting Mike; I know you have so much to show to us. :-)

oldmanlincoln said...

I sometimes think I try to do something in blogger at the same time they are and the two of us don't work well together. I like your shot though.

photowannabe said...

I really like the semmetry of this shot an the colors that draw my eye in to it.
I don't know what gives me inspiration but I guess where we live on the West Coast has a lot to do with it. Blogging has intensified my looking at my everyday world. I do like to take pictures of simple things, nature and landscapes. Sometimes the dry spells force us to try new things and see things that we wouldn't ordinarially take pictures of.
Just using the digital camera with its delete ability has allowed me to be free to just snap away.
Good question Mike.

Salty said...

Cool shot! They are posed so perfectly that only the swish of their dresses tell the viewer that they were moving briskly.

As for inspration, if I have nothing in particular I wish to photograph I like to get in my car before daylight and begin driving. If after sunrise nothing has caught my attention I will stop the car and head out on foot looking closely at my surroundings. Seldom has this failed to produce results.

Cris said...

I am not a photographer, but I think that looking at details that were not noticed before really make a difference in our lives, and I started to feel this way, to put my eyes on the micro things after I started blogging, which are a true source of inspiration.

Kekiinani said...

What a cool shot!! I love the colors they match the outfits amazingly!! :) :)